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Old Guys Rip Too is about keeping the stoke alive for the older ripper. Its founders have been action sport enthusiasts since the 80’s. We created OGRT out of the passion we still have for action sports. We’ll aim to pass our knowledge and experience on to you. Old Guys Rip Too features product reviews, injury prevention, industry news, resort reviews, interviews and more.

Do you still hold it down? We welcome your stories, videos, and pictures.

Chris Forgham

Chris Forgham

Chris Forgham grew up skating and snowboarding in New Mexico.  After college, he relocated to Vail, Colorado and now calls Denver, Colorado home.  Chris has competed in the USASA Rocky Mountain Series since 2007.  He was the USASA National Champion in Half Pipe and Slopestyle in 2010, 2012, 2015, Half Pipe Champion in 2017 , 2nd Place Slopestyle 2017, and is the halfpipe and slopestyle national champion in 2018.  He often posts higher scores than riders half his age.  Keep your eye out for Chris on a podium near you!



Dave Van Etten

Dave Van Etten

Dave Van Etten grew up skating and snowboarding in Northern New Mexico.  He was part a small group of pioneers that brought snowboarding to Pajarito Ski Area in Los Alamos, NM in 1987.  Dave won many local and regional snowboarding and skateboarding contests.  Dave has taught all of his kids the thrill of snowboarding, and they rip too.  After years of chasing snow in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, he relocated to Pocatello, Idaho.  Dave placed second in the Crazy Legs Banked Slalom at Grand Targhee Resort in 2017.

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  1. Very cool interview with Damian Sanders. Thanks for that! I saw it on the VST Facebook page.
    BTW, I’m in Denver. Started collecting some boards a few years back and have other cool stuff like magazines, brochures and posters from as far back as 1984 when I got started riding in AK before moving to Colorado to compete in the RMSS in 1988. If you are interested in checking out some of that stuff or chatting about riding let me know.

  2. Never, EVER thought I be looking for site like this. But hey, 44 now so might as well.
    So the well known fact that feet grow when you get older hit me when I was in Austria last March, my feet hurt. I swear it wasn’t that bad the year before in Japan.
    So went and bought some Rome boot, a whole size bigger. But an new problem arose, I couldn’t fit in my Rome Mob Boss 2013 (M) bindings. So I borrowed a crappy Large pair (so disappointing).

    Anyway, Im not a very good snowboarder (maybe advance plus) and I like the all mountain mellow boarding and I got the Rossignol Templar 158 (and Im borderlining on the weight limit).
    But I got my eye on these Capo bindings, they are supposedly quite stiff but good cushioning, you reckon these are the way to go?
    Any help appreciated

    1. Hey Renzo,
      Thanks for the kind words on the site.
      I’m the same age and unfortunately I think our warranties expired! I’m all about foot comfort at this point. I rode the Mob Boss bindings for quite some time, solid binding but I did still have some pain. A few things I’ve found that help; don’t go too long with boots…I put about 60 days on them and then replace them. Look into the Remind Insoles for your boots…straight amazing! Don’t crank the bindings down, go 1 click short of tight, I tend to have foot cramping if I cinch them down really tight.
      As for the bindings themselves, we have not tried the Ride Capo but they look solid. The padding looks pretty good but hard to tell, it looks thick like the Mob Boss. But from what I’ve found, a lot of the padding comfort really comes down to material. Check out my review on the NOW Bindings, I was a bit concerned because the padding was small but the foam they use really protects your feet and the bushings act as a shock absorber. I knuckled a jump late in the season and barely felt it.
      Hope all this helps!

      1. Thanks!

        That certainly helps a lot, just one more q. Does stiff flex bindings take the mellow away?

        Funny that you mentioned NOW, they were my second option on this local auction/sell site. Just sold before I had the chance. They are quite expensive though….gear in NZ/AUS tends to cost a lot. But might be able to import cheap from the UK pretty soon. Silver lining and all that stuff.

        Keep it up!

        1. Hey Renzo,

          Glad to hear the info was useful. The NOW bindings I use are the Drive by Jeremy Jones and they are supposed to be pretty stiff. With all the adjustments you can make to bindings now you can really decide just how stiff they are. I just made a few tweaks (highjack lean, etc) to them and they are good for all conditions/terrain. The other thing with the NOW bindings is you can swap out the bushings to your liking. Yes, they are on the expensive side but keep an eye out for last years gear, sometimes you can find amazing deals.


  3. Hey Chris and Dave, I can’t thank you both enough for this site and your Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pages. I am a 48 year old dude in the Pacific Northwest who splitboards, teachings snowboard and on occassion, rides the resort lines.

    In the paraphrased words of the mighty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Party and shred on, dudes!!”

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