Adidas 2018 Snowboard Gear Preview

Adidas 2018 Snowboard Gear

Adidas Snowboarding is here to stay, the brand with three stripes has a great line up of boots, outerwear, layering and hoodies that we were able to check out for 2018, including the Pink Mark Gonzales jacket with his signature artwork.  Adidas added a double BOA system, and also continues to keep BOOST foam in their line with the Tactical ADV and ACERRA boots which provides superior cushioning, the line up of boots, outerwear, and hoodies looks great for the 2018 Adidas Snowboarding Gear line up, check out the gallery below!

2018 Adidas Snowboard Gear Booth SIA

2018 Adidas Snowboarding  Boots, Outerwear, and layering Gallery:

2018 adidas snowboard gear preview