All Good Herbal Freeze Review

Caroline Duell started making plant-based hand salve for farmers, climbers, and more back in the ’90s. With her background in botanical medicine, she saw her All Good Goop salve become very popular. Her husband Ryan joined her in her ventures and the company now has 45 products. All Good has stayed true to its roots and uses certified organic ingredients and non-GMO materials.

Product Reviewed:

All Good Herbal Freeze

Product Specs:


INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Water (Aqua), Ethyl Alcohol, Arnica Montana (Arnica) Flower Extract*, Populus Balsamifera (Balsam Poplar) Bud Extract*, Hypericum Perforatum (St John’s Wort) Flower Extract*, Vegetable Glycerin.

*Ethically wildcrafted and extracted with Organic Grape Alcohol

All Good Herbal Freeze

Dave’s Review:

All athletes endure pain in some shape or form. Injuries, muscle soreness, arthritis are just a few of the top ones that come to mind Being so active and at times a little on the daring side, Chris and I have had our fair share of injuries over the years comes with the territory if you are involved in action sports of any kind. We are always game to try any product that provides relief from pain or aids in recovery. I also really watch what I put in and on my body, so I was intrigued to try the All Good Herbal Freeze. Now more than ever, our health and immunity are so important. Using a product that is not loaded with potentially harmful chemicals is absolutely essential.

I had a significant knee surgery back in February and my knee definitely lets me know when it’s had enough. After a long mountain bike ride or a tough workout at the gym, I often need to ice my knee. But, icing sometimes is just not in the cards as it takes time and usually requires you to sit for 20 minutes. I am not a very patient person and usually running around with the family. I’ve used the All Good Herbal Freeze more and more as it offers relief from knee pain and soreness quickly. The rest of the family was really excited to try it after smelling the refreshing, menthol scent as I walked around the house. 

It allows me to still get things done and remain active while it works. You can either just spray it on or massage it in for faster absorption. It does contain menthol so you will need to be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. The whole family has tried it on various tight muscles and aches and pains and agree that it works better than just about anything else we have tried. It gives that incredible cool feeling of menthol that really seems to do the trick.

The All Good Herbal Freeze works quickly and efficiently on aches and pains. With its all-natural ingredients, it did not irritate my skin and does not stain clothing.

Since it’s not loaded with harsh chemicals, I feel great about letting my kids try it when they have had soreness and/or injuries. They too were amazed at how well it works.

Overall impressions:

All Good Herbal Freeze worked really well on my achy/sore knee after mountain biking or workouts at the gym. It works quickly and provides hours of relief. 

Chris’ Review

We all experience sore muscles and aches as we age, and the All Good Herbal Freeze with Arnica spray can provide some relief from the soreness and aches after a hard workout or enjoying your favorite sport/leisure activity. This spray is completely plant based and includes arnica, an herb, most commonly used as a pain relief.

I am very cautious about herbal sprays since I have sensitive skin, so I made sure I tested a bit of this product on an area of my skin before using it liberally. After a 24 hour waiting period, with no issues, I started using the herbal freeze on my elbow, forearm, knees and ankles. I also put a dab behind each ear when I had a small allergy headache, it seems to have decreased the length of the headaches I normally have when there’s a lot of pollen in the air.

As for the pain relief from sore muscles and joints, I really liked how this product works, you don’t need much and it will absorb quickly and you’ll really feel the cooling sensation and then a deep heating sensation. I would recommend starting off with just a small amount as it does heat up quickly in my opinion. The herbal smell is quite strong at first, but after about 15 min it dissipates. You’ll still be able to smell it slightly but it’s not going to overpower you the entire time you have it applied.

If you aren’t a fan of the herbal smell for a prolonged period of time, I also found that using a quick wash with some soap and water will take the smell away completely, so that’s a plus in my book, it won’t linger around. Obviously you’ll need to wait to wash it off for the effects to take place.

Overall Impressions:

Overall, I feel this is a great product for fast pain relief, give All Good Herbal Freeze a try.

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