Arbor Cypress Snowboard Bindings Review

Arbor Cypress Snowboard Bindings Review

Use: All Mountain
Binding size: M/L
Boot size: 12
Color: Black/Grey
Price: $249.00

Product Details, from Arbor:

The Cypress is a freeride design for riders who like their lines a little more rowdy and their playgrounds bigger. We’ve created a powerful binding by stiffening our exclusive X–Drive Baseplate with double the fiberglass; adding a lighter, stiffer and more laterally supportive highback; and beefing up the outsole. That translates into high-speed, big–mountain performance.

  • X–Drive baseplate with 33% fiberglass content
  • 75A Durometer Outsole
  • Dual-Density EVA Footbed
  • 1.5° Built-In Cant
  • Wire–Core Adjuster Strap
  • Adjustable Extruded Aluminum Heelcup
  • 2×4 Universal Mini–Disc
  • Asymmetrical Highbacks with 5° lateral pre–rotation
  • Forward Lean Adjustment
  • Cast Aluminum Buckles and Levers
  • Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate

Arbor Snowboards Cypress Binding Review


We first got a look at Arbor bindings at SIA 2016, while they had some interesting features…they looked pretty raw and needed some refinement.  I got a chance to ride the 2017/18 Cypress at Grand Targhee Resort.  Arbor really improved these bindings in version two.  They still have all the features that make them unique but they now look very refined and are ready to compete with any binding on the market.

The straps are tool-less like most bindings on the market now but some are better than others.  I found the Arbor Cypress bindings to be very easy to adjust to my boot size and comfort settings.  The toe strap grabbed my boot well and stayed put.  I found the ankle strap to be very comfortable, I usually have to make a lot of adjustments to keep my lead foot from cramping, however the Cypress was very comfortable and I only had to make a few very minor adjustments.  The ankle and toe straps are mold injected and use two densities of foam to provide maximum comfort (A harder form for strength and a softer foam in critical contact points). The ankle strap also has a unique feature in the Wire–Core.  You typically break a toe strap but occasionally you break an ankle strap if this has ever happened to you…it sucks!  The ankle strap has a wire-core to provide extra strength and prevent breakage.

I had heard numerous complaints about the ratchets and buckles being sticky and difficult to use in the samples and version one.  I found the aluminum buckles to be sturdy and easy to use.

One of the unique features that I really liked was the underfoot X-Drive baseplate and the 75A durometer outsole.  The outsole is intended to defuse vibration and act as a bushing or shock absorber.  The X-Drive baseplate removes some of the contact of the binding to the board allowing more of a natural flex in the board.  The Cypress also comes with the mini disc mounting system, again to allow for minimal interference in board flex and underfoot feel.

The footbeds on the Cypress use Dual-Density EVA foam that is canted 1.5%.  The dual density uses a softer foam under the toes and heel for better impact absorption.  I really like the overall feel of the footbed and my knees appreciate the cant.

The asymmetrical highbacks with 5° lateral pre–rotation come up a pretty high on your calf but a few adjustments to the forward lean and they were very comfortable as well.

Arbor is known for their very sexy and stylish snowboards.  The Cypress bindings have a ton of style as well, lots of subtle things throughout.  The EVA padding in the highback and the footbeds have Arbor’s logo build into the design and the highback adjustment has a wood grain look that Arbor is famous for.


Arbor is new to the binding game but has quickly become a top player in the snowboard binding market.  I found the Cypress to be really comfortable with minimal adjustment.  The shock absorption and responsiveness were absolutely top notch.  The mini disc system and the X-Drive really make for superior board feel/flex and really quick, responsive edge to edge turn initiation.  I really liked these bindings, if you’re in the market for bindings definitely give these a look.  I’m excited to see what enhancements they’ll have in their next model, they came a long way in a year.


  • durable
  • lightweight
  • minimal contact points
  • comfort
  • very responsive
  • great shock absorption


  • not enough time on them to find flaws
Style:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Features:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Overall:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Arbor Snowboards Cypress Binding
Arbor Snowboards Cypress Bindings