Do you dream about your boots? ThirtyTwo TM-Two’s will help you enjoy the ride

TM-Two: Thirtytwo Snowboard Boots Review

thirtytwo snowboard boots review

Over 27 seasons of snowboarding I’ve ridden a lot of boots from several different companies — Sorel, Burton, Northwave, Vans, Salomon and Thirtytwo.  There’s probably a few more brands that I can’t remember!  It was about 12 years ago I switched over from Northwave to ThirtyTwo, and I was a huge fan of Northwave/Drake, so this was a major shift in what I had ridden before. I tried on several boots from many companies and I remember trying on the ThirtyTwo Lashed and I was instantly hooked!  I rode the Lashed boot for almost 6 seasons, and they were comfortable and forgiving — a real freestyle boot that I would also highly recommend if you want a softer flex.  I’m not one for BOA systems, or fast track lace ups; I really like a traditional lace up boot.

The TM-Two fit the bill for my style of riding all mountain, park, and pipe. I have a wider and flat foot, and ThirtyTwo seems to make a wider boot so that is something to take note of. As the aging process kicked in, I realized I needed a more supportive boot, and I have a great amount of respect for Sole Technology (ThirtyTwo’s parent company, also responsible for sister brands Etnies, éS Footwear, Emerica, and Altamont). ThirtyTwo is truly a rider-driven company, and is truly focused on your feet. I love their product, and I knew I could find several boots in the line that would fit my needs.  I remember trying the Prion, Prime, and 

thirtytwo snowboard boots reviewfinally the TM-Two. The TM-Two was the winner, and I’ve never looked back.  As ThirtyTwo has stated, there is a reason why this boot is the team favorite; it’s supportive, and with a medium-stiff flex it’s still perfect for park/pipe and it is awesome in the backcountry. I’ve never really had to heat mold my boots, but having the option for a custom fit rules.  I’ve always felt these boots were comfortable in any situation, their gel cushion system provides ample protection from impacts, and really I don’t want to take them off immediately after riding. I could wear them around après for hours! These boots are true to ThirtyTwo’s mantra: they are lightweight, supportive, and provide a secure fit. I would recommend visiting the ThirtyTwo site and check out the reviews; the TM-Two gets top marks all the way around by everyone who’s put them on their feet.

I love these boots, and I hope you do too. Let us know if you try them out or are currently riding them; we’d love to know what you think too.

Here’s my summary of pros and maybe one con, but really these boots rock all the way around!


  • Supportive medium/stiff flex
  • Good cushioning and protection on hard landings
  • Strong lasting construction – 14/15 TM-Two’s have held up great to almost 50 days of riding this year
  • Superb heel hold
  • Lightweight, the standard in ThirtyTwo boots
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Toe bed is true to size
  • Responsive to any riding (groomers, powder, kickers, rails, this boot rules them all)
  • Stylish
  • Break in easily (really they are great on the first day, no break-in period in my opinion)
  • Integrates great with all my bindings, meaning: TM Two boots + bindings = awesome!


  • If I had to point anything out (and I’m really reaching for something), traction could be slightly better; I have been able to use these hiking up very icy pipes and even several-hour hikes in the backcountry



Style:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Comfort:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Overall:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

2 thoughts on “Do you dream about your boots? ThirtyTwo TM-Two’s will help you enjoy the ride”

  1. I’m looking to buy my first pair of boots, and want something to last. I’m gonna be living in Antarctica for 18 months so a lot of back country riding and need something warm!

    Do you recommend I splash the extra £50 for the TM or go with the lashed? I’m worried as a first boot they might be too stiff as I do like to jib and butter around


    1. Hi Zac,
      Sounds like you’re in for an adventure in Antarctica, good luck and have fun! I rode the Lashed for several years, they are much softer than the TM-Two’s and like the TM-Two’s they break in quickly. Both are great boots, and I prefer the TM-Two where I felt I needed a more performance boot for every type of riding I was doing (Park, All Mountain, and Backcountry) the TM-Two is stiffer, as Thirtytwo says: it’s a good “combination of stability, comfort and flex, for transition from park to backcountry,” It sounds like the TM-Two would work well for your Antarctica trip, they’ll break in nicely and be supportive, but allow you to have the flexibility to butter and jib, I do that a-lot with my TM-Two’s so I would say it’s worth the extra £50!

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