Dakine 2018 Snowboard Gear Preview

Dakine 2018 Snowboard Gear Preview

Dakine snow gear has always been a staple and standard for anyone to look up to.  Dakine 2018 Snowboard Gear continues the tradition. We are already big fans of their outerwear, gloves, mittens, layering, and bags and backpacks (oh YES! how we love their bags and backpacks!!!).

For 2018 the same amazing products you have come to trust are back with new designs, changes to carrying snowboards firmly integrated into Dakine Packs and some awesome looking outerwear we are stoked to see how this line does in 2018.  The outerwear from Dakine in 2018 is truly looking great it looks to be well thought out and a departure from what we have seen from last season, which was still a solid outerwear collection.  I would expect to see more riders rockin Dakine outerwear across the globe as the color blocks and subtle additions to the line really caught our eye. We can’t say enough about how many options there are in their snow line, no matter what conditions you’re going to be riding in Dakine has what you’ll need all season long. See more in our galleries below!

Dakine Snow Gear and the Asmo collection for rider Wolle Nyvelt


Dakine 2018 Snowboard Gear (Jackets, Gloves, Hats, Backpacks, snowboard bags, beer bags, snow pants, and much more)Gallery: