Get Your Gear

We just added t-shirts, and we worked with the crew at Die Cut Stickers to bring you a high-quality vinyl sticker. Get yours and let em’ know!

Please contact us for international orders!

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Gear”

  1. Hey Chris n Dave,
    Don’t suppose you do a t-shirt with the big skull logo on the back and a small breast logo on front do you? That old school classic combo is my fav t-shirt set up and would love to represent us old boys down the park. By the way found your advise really helpful and i’m waiting for my protective gear to turn up as we speak. Never used to run with pads and stuff so im already thinking i’m gonna be invincible. Could be dangerous.

    1. Hi Hugh,

      We currently don’t have a logo shirt with the small logo on the front and large skull on the back, but we’ll keep that in mind for a future shirt idea, thank you! Thank you for the kind words, and we hope your pads are keeping you confident and protected, we know that’s what they do for us!

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