How To Care For & Store Your Gear In The Off-Season

How to care for your gearSpring turns always kinda bum me out…I love the days where it’s cold and nuking. But the end of Winter is inevitable. Most of us probably do not “Summerize” our gear, we just put it away until the snow returns. Below is a list of things we should all do to take care of and prolong the life of the gear we purchase.

How to care for & store your gear in the off-season:

Jackets and pants are typically treated with a water repellent. Normal wear and washing will cause this treatment to wear off.

  • Wash in cold water on gentle with powdered detergent.
  • Hang or lie flat to dry.
  • If you need to use a dryer, set it on low.
  • Nikwax and many others make spray-on waterproofing.
  • Avoid over washing, a few times a season should be sufficient.

Boots, make sure they are thoroughly dried out before storing them for the Summer.  You might want to store them in a bag or box to keep critters out.

Board and bindings

  • Have your board tuned, or tune it yourself. Clean the base and sharpen the edges.
  • Using an all-purpose wax. Apply a 1/8 inch coating to the bases. Let the wax harden and do not scrape it off. Or ask your shop to apply summer wax.
  • Fold the highbacks down and buckle your ankle and toe straps.  This will protect them while in storage and keep them in the right shape.
  • Store your board in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and avoid humid areas like basements.
  • Lay the board flat or hang it, there are some great racks available.
  • Once winter returns…you just need a quick wax scrape and you’ll be ready to rip!