IS Eyewear Bomber Goggle Review

About IS Eyewear:

In 1997, a handful of snowboarders in Canada and the Pacific Northwest wanted a better goggle than what was available on the market, and thus a rider-driven goggle company was formed named Iris Snow. The team, including legend Devun Walsh, set out to create the first snowboard-specific goggle; it was a hit with riders, and continues to be to this day. The brand name has changed from Iris Snow to IS Eyewear, and is now owned and operated by Centre Distribution in Canada, a national distribution group founded by skateboarders Colin McKay and Rob Boyce. The IS Eyewear website is currently being relaunched.

Goggle Specifications:

  • Medium/large fit
  • Helmet-compatible
  • Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision
  • Multi-layered permanent lens coatings to protect against scratches, water and ice buildup
  • Triple-layer fleece-lined face foam
  • Multi-radius wraparound frame for amazing peripheral vision
  • Permanent anti-fog coating
  • Multiple anti-fog lens vents
  • Microfiber storage bag
    IS Eyewear Bomber Goggle Review



Intended use: snowboarding, or just wearing on your face when you feel like it.

Recommended for: Anyone with a medium face profile looking for a spherical lens goggle (good for smaller face profiles) with good peripheral vision

Review Date: January 2015 – June 2015

IS Eyewear Bomber Goggle Review:

IS Eyewear Bomber GoggleI have a medium face profile, and I often have a hard time finding goggles to fit my face. I always found traditional goggles to be a better fit, because all of the larger spherical goggle shapes were just really large for my face profile. I have been using the Type R and Forma 1.5 goggles from IS Eyewear prior to the release of the Bomber. After reading about the medium/large fit, I was curious how they would work, as they appeared to have a smaller profile than goggles from some other companies I was looking at (SPY, Von Zipper, Electric and SMITH Optics) that had oversized spherical offerings. Being a fan of IS Eyewear for over the past 10 years, I was confident the product construction would be just as high as my past IS Eyewear goggles that lasted several seasons.

IS Eyewear Bomber GoggleI am very happy I chose the IS Eyewear Bomber goggles. Not only is the peripheral vision better than my traditional type-R goggles, but the goggle profile is much slimmer than any of the other spherical/oversized goggles by some of the other companies I mentioned, and they fit well with my helmet. I ride with my goggles under my helmet, so the clasp-based strap was always in question as far as comfort; with these goggles, I didn’t need to be concerned — they are very comfortable, and are much easier to take on and off by unclipping the strap. The face foam is very comfortable, just as it is on IS Eyewear’s other goggle lines, and I have not had any fogging issues; these goggles stay clear riding in a variety of conditions from bluebird to snowy and rainy weather.

I would recommend these goggles if you’re looking for a spherical-lens-based goggle with quality optics Chris wearing the IS Eyewear bomber goggle and you don’t want a large oversized fit; if you have a smaller face profile, they are a great alternative and provide ample peripheral vision in any condition. The Bomber comes in several color and lens options. Once the IS Eyewear site is relaunched, check out their full line or check out some online retailers that currently carry the brand.


  • Great frame and lens options
  • Wide range of vision
  • Smaller profile than other large/oversized goggles for those of us with a smaller face
  • Fit great over or under your helmet
  • Goggles did not fog while testing for 6 months
  • Fairly easy to change out lenses


Price:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Performance:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Design:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Overall:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)