Loaded Snowboards Algernon Review

Loaded Snowboards Algernon Review

Chris’ Review Algernon 154

Loaded Snowboards Algernon
Size: 154cm
Bindings: Union Ultra M/L
Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV size 9
Stance: 23.5(ish) +18 Front & -12 back
Rider Height: 5’9
Rider Weight: 175
Conditions/Terrain Tested: Park, Rails, Powder, Groomers.
Days tested: 3


We were intrigued by Loaded, they’ve spent over 7 years designing the Algernon, and it shows that a lot of thought and engineering went into the Algernon (Loaded’s first snowboard) utilizing a custom bamboo core to enhance the ride and reduce materials. This directional twin has a slightly longer nose for powder when you need it.  Incorporating Loaded’s mustache camber profile (subtle early rise camber and rocker at the tip and tail) this board is a beauty, and is an all mountain machine!

The Ride:

Just looking at the Algernon you’ll be taken in by it’s gorgeous bamboo and hand inlayed cork footbeds, it’s truly a piece of art, and you’ll almost forget that it’s beauty also has very specific engineered characteristics to enhance your riding experience.  The bamboo core that eliminates the need for other materials, and keeps it feeling snappy, responsive and damp. After mounting my bindings I can say the Algernon is an average weight snowboard, which I expected. I was really excited to get this board on snow!

I was lucky enough to get a few days with varied conditions, some powder, soft groomers and even some park. The Algernon turned several heads, it just looks rad on snow, it has a fast base and laying into carves on the Algernon is super fun, it really holds an edge and allows you to dig into whatever snow conditions you encounter.  This board rides equally as well switch even with the directional profile. The Algernon floated well in the light fluff I took it through and I’m sure this all mountain bafwax review powder ridingdestroyer is just as powerful in the deep stuff too. Finally I took it into the park to see how it handled metal and a bit of air time.  It was nimble and handled well through the park, this board has some pop!  Being that the Algernon is mainly a camber profile board this board is stiff and for me personally I prefer a softer ride through the park, but this board can do it all from pow, groomers and park.  The Algernon is an aggressive all mountain board that can do it all. I’m stoked to see what Loaded will do next as this is a great first entry into snowboarding for them, check ’em out!


It’s a gorgeous board for an all mountain king slayer! I liked the Algernon a ton on groomers, making big carves on this board is really fun, it cuts through anything and I felt really confident that I could rip this board in any terrain. I personally want something a bit softer for the park, but this board performs well there too.  If you’re an intermediate to advanced rider, who likes a stiffer board, the Algernon will do it all for you and you’ll appreciate the different characteristics that Bamboo brings to your ride, this is truly a unique snowboard from a great company.

Bamboo core smooth and stable ride at all speeds tested
Cork Footbeds – reduced vibration
Stable at high speeds
Great pop
Locks into rails easily
Rides well, all over the mountain, in any conditions
Limited Lifetime warranty

Stiff for my riding style

Dave’s Review Algernon 160W

Loaded Snowboards Algernon
Size: 160cm Wide
Bindings: Rome Mob Boss (Large)
Boots: DC Travis Rice size 12
Stance: 23 +14 Front & -14 back
Rider Height: 6’0″
Rider Weight: 195
Conditions/Terrain Tested: Powder, Groomers, and chop.
Days tested: 5

The Ride:

I’m a big fan of the natural wood look on boards, so right out of the box I was in awe of the Algernon.  The top sheet, with the inlayed cork and bamboo is beautiful.  I was excited to get it out on snow and test how the varying wood patterns would flex, etc.  I was able to test the Algernon in quite a few conditions at Grand Targhee Resort.  The Algernon’s profile of camber and early rise makes it a charger in deep pow, it really floats well and allows for snappy turns.  We had an unusually warm weather pattern, which made for some challenging conditions during my testing…light powder with bullet proof ice underneath.  The Algernon handled these conditions with ease, it held an edge in tight or wide turns and powered though choppy areas.  I found the cork footbeds to offer a bit of forgiveness when grabbing a bit of air time, my old knees definitely appreciated that!  Its an absolute rocket on groomers, it hugs the slope with its stiffer flex and damp ride.


The craftsmanship on this board is second to none.  I received a ton of compliments on the top sheet, the inlays and combination of the types of wood, really make it stand out.  I loved this board charging big, steep pow lines and laying down big carves on groomers.  I felt more than confident taking the board anywhere on the mountain including the steeps, trees, bumps, and park.  The melding of design, traditional camber and early rise makes the Algernon an all-mountain destroyer!  For those looking to lay down some big carves and cut through any condition, consider the Loaded Algernon.

Charges in deep pow
Great edge hold

A bit heavy