Marhar 2018 Snowboards

Marhar 2018 Snowboard Preview

Marhar 2018 Snowboard preview bringing the “feel good” experience to snowboarding straight out of Michigan, and built in the U.S.A. with superior performance anywhere you shred, these boards are really fun to ride.

For 2018 the Marhar team under Nathan Morse and Josh Skiles continue the tradition of making fun boards that really do “feel good.”  The product they are creating is truly unique and their boards were some of the best tested at the on snow for S.I.A. The Half Breed with it’s Zero Camber and Sideways Rocker 3D Base had tons of pop it truly was a standout and we’re excited to see what everyone else thinks about these boards for next season because we feel Marhar is putting out some great snowboards, see more in our galleries below and watch the brief video of Josh describing next seasons Half Breed snowboard from the Marhar line!


Marhar 2018 Snowboard Gallery: