Never Summer Chairmain

Never Summer Chairmain 2016

Size: 157cm
Bindings: Union Contact Pro M/L
Boots: ThirtyTwo TM-Two size 9.5
Stance: 23.5 +18 Front & -15 back
Rider Height 5’9
Rider Weight 180
Conditions/Terrain Tested: Ice, Windblown Hardpack, Powder,  and other variable conditions.
Days tested: 3 (Keystone and Silverton Colorado)

Specs from Never Summer for the Chairman:Never Summer Chairman Snowboard 2016

  • Carbonium Topsheet
  • Carbon Max Laminate Technology
  • Original Rocker Camber Profile
  • Extended Transition Area
  • Chairman Power Grip Sidecut
  • Low Profile Tip/Tail
  • STS Pre-tensioned Fiberglass
  • Bi-Lite Fiberglass
  • NS SuperLight Wood Core
  • RDS 1+ Damping System
  • Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
  • Sintered P-Tex Sidewall
  • Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
  • Harmonic Tip/Tail Damper
  • 3-Year Warranty

Never Summer Chairman Snowboard 2016

The Ride:

The CEO of Shred, AKA the Chairman, had a stiff flex which wasn’t what I thought I was looking for in a freeride/powder board, however the damp “cushy” ride may have changed my mind as the Chairman absolutely crushed every steep chunderous chute, windblown hardpack, or tree run I found at Silverton, I had never felt so comfortable to just charge down steeps as I did on the Chairman.

I had a blast crushing groomers all day on the Chairman at Keystone, for me the board flowed into turns, it turns fairly fast and feels very stable at high speeds. The damping in this board really made me feel confident I could plow through anything.  I tried to do some buttery flat land tricks, and that’s where I knew this is a freeride board, it is stiff, I really had to push into a tripod and the board wanted to get back on edge. The new sidecut has additional contact points on this board which really allows you to feel that power when getting on edge, a lot different than other freeride boards I’ve ridden.

In Silverton I was served up with many unique snow conditions and it was very warm (around 40 degrees fahrenheit), this is where the Chairman came alive for me, the tapered shape may have helped me from getting fatigued (I’ve felt that way with other boards), my back leg would always get really tired riding steeps or pow, but with the Chairman I didn’t feel that impact. Riding through trees, open chutes, this board excelled in Silverton for me. We found a few powder stashes, the chairman rode really well, it floats great and for any drops or backcountry jumps you may find it can handle those too, give it your best frontside air, stalefish or method!

Never Summer Chairman Snowboard 2016


A great freeride addition for the advanced to expert rider! The Chairman is great for ripping groomers at your local mountain, and it performed extremely well in more agressive backcountry type conditions which is where I would expect this type of freeride board to really perform.  If you’re looking for a new freeride board, or due for an upgrade, this is one to look at, it truly is a good mix of the Raptor and Premier F1and will keep you feeling good all day long on your freeride missions.
If you have the opportunity to try the Chairman out on groomers at your local mountain or on a powder day, it’s a fun way to rip around the mountain look for a Never Summer demo day near you!



  • Solid construction with a 3-yr warranty
  • Floats great in powder
  • Tapered shape reduced fatigue on long runs
  • Comfortable at high speeds in any condition
  • Additional contact points let you dominate the mountain (crushes anything in its path in any condition)


  • Prefer slightly faster edge to edge

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Style:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Construction:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Overall:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)