Never Summer Snowboards 2018

Never Summer Snowboards 2018 Preview:

For the past 26 years Tim and Tracey Canaday have been a leader in innovation in the snowboard industry, this may be our own opinion, but we think there’s a lot of riders who feel this way too about their product.

Producing snowboards in their Denver Colorado based facility, Never Summer Snowboards 2018 product continues to maintain a renowned reputation of producing quality high performance and durable snowboards for any type of rider. From splitboards, big mountain, all mountain and freestyle Never Summer Industries has you covered. Original Rocker Camber, Ripsaw Rocker Camber, and introducing their new Fusion Rocker Camber Profile, in the new Shaper Series, Never Summer continues to innovate and and keep snowboarding fun and that puts a smile on our face for days.
Never Summer’s 2018 snowboard line up has most of the favorites back for 2018 the Funslinger and Type Two are shredtastic, the Ripsaw and Swift are rockin, but the BIG news for 2018 is Tim Canaday’s Shaper Series.

Never Summer Shaper Series 2018

Tim Canaday’s Shaper Series

Tim Canaday has been shaping snowboards for more than 34 years, and for 2018 he let his creative juices flow into a brand new series of snowboards from Never Summer the SHAPER SERIES! Tim set out to recapture the feeling of laying into a carve that we snowboarders know all too well, the driving force that kept us wanting to go ride more and more and lead us to a lifetime pursuit of seeking fun.

We’re hooked on Tim Canaday’s Shaper Series line up and we hope you will be too. The Insta/Gator, Maverix, Big Gun and Swift are each very different from the current Never Summer line, from their look, profile and performance each of the four boards in the Shaper Series will inspire your own fluid style from park, groomers, carving, speed, and big lines the Shaper series delivers something fun for every rider regardless of snow conditions.

The new Fusion Rocker Camber Profile is combined with an increased surface area and a streamlined taper that brings the passion back to your snowboarding. Every board has amazingly quick turn initiation, tons of pop, and trench digging edge hold regardless of size.

Never Summer put the edge gripping hold, the snap out of turns, and the huge pop of Ripsaw RC in the back and combined it with the float and surfy feel of Original RC in the front. Fusion is here to bring back the fun and fluidity that will make snowboarding dynamic again.

Take a look at the videos and gallery below as Never Summer continues it’s tradition of excellence!


Never Summer 2018 Snowboards Gallery:


Vince, from Never Summer, a true ambassador for the brand, legendary snowboarder, and all around incredible guy (we call him “in-Vince-able”) takes us through the Shaper Series:

Never Summer Industries 2018 Shaper Series, bringing back the fun feeling with new shapes! #oldguysriptoo #sia17 #snowboarding #neversummersnowboards #snowboard

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Harry from Never Summer talks about the new Insta/Gator from the new Shaper Series, we took it for a ride and it’s a blast, look for a review on the Insta/Gator soon!