Never Summer Type Two Review

Our combined review of the Never Summer Type Two.

Chris’ Review Type Two

Never Summer Type Two
Size: 154cm
Bindings: Union Ultra M/L
Boots: ThirtyTwo TM-Two size 9.5
Stance: 23.5 +18 Front & -12 back
Rider Height: 5’9
Rider Weight: 175
Conditions/Terrain Tested: Park, Pipe, Rails, Powder, Groomers.
Days tested: 25+

After being swept away last season by the Funslinger, I was very skeptical that I would find another park board in Never Summer’s lineup that would intrigue me to want to try something else for quite some time. However, I should know there’s always something new out there, and Dr. Porkenheimer is truly a mad scientist who continues to impress me with the innovative ideas  he brings to the Never Summer Snowboard product line. I got my first look of the Proto Type Two at the Never Summer factory in Denver in the fall of 2015. Last season I had been riding mostly the Ripsaw and Funslinger, so hearing that the Proto Type Two is the asymmetrical, all-mountain hybrid created by combining the Ripsaw and the Funslinger… I was all in!

The Ride:
Never Summer Type TwoAt first glance, the Proto Type Two has a similar profile to the Funslinger, with a low-profile tip and tail with slightly more exaggerated points. It utilizes the same Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile, and adds in the NS Superlight Wood Core, a new topsheet material that is stronger than ever (and stickers stick to it!), and features the best of the Never Summer tech (check out the tech here), all packaged into a light weight board. By combining the Ripsaw, Funslinger and the flex of the Proto HD, the Type Two is a poppy, true-twin, asymmetrical, mid-flex board that also has Never Summer’s renowned  trench-digging carving capabilities. Everything I loved about the Funslinger was exemplified in this board; the asymmetrical deeper heelside sidecut is not really noticeable unless you know to look for it, and the mid-flex was just what I wanted the Funslinger to have. This was truly a great combination, and I was really happy with how it performed. The 154cm Type Two, with the same waist width as the 153cm Funslinger, strangely feels like the extra centimeter in length makes a difference locking into rails. That’s saying a lot, because the Funslinger was outstanding in this area. Where I felt the softness of the Funslinger lacked somewhat for larger jumps, the mid-flex on the Type Two ruled; I don’t hit many jumps over 50 feet anymore, but with this board I felt confident it would handle any park jump. The Type Two holds its speed amazingly well when linking jump or rail lines. This board also took over the pipe where I was using the Ripsaw before. It is an amazing board for riding halfpipe; with equally balanced flex and dampness, I was able to hold my edge and keep my speed. It felt so solid for a board that is rocker camber; the incredible maneuverability of this board will not disappoint you if you take it into the pipe. I rode the Type Two all over the mountain, and again it excelled; bumps, chunder, powder: the Type Two will handle it all, just like the Funslinger and the Ripsaw.

I am a big fan of the Proto Type Two. It is a sublime marriage of all the exceptional components of the Funslinger and the Ripsaw. The Never Summer Type Two at KeystoneType Two corrected all the small quirks I found with the Funslinger, which I loved regardless of them. If you are looking for a mid-flex board that will handle it all, this may be your “type” of board. If you have the chance, definitely check out the Type Two at a resort near you. Here’s the Never Summer Calendar for demo days!

Aysmmetrical shape, hardly noticible, allows for enhanced maneuverability and easy turning
Durable topsheet
Ripsaw profile provides exceptional edge hold
Mid-flex picks up where the Funslinger was slightly too soft
Stable at high speeds
Great pop
Locks into rails easily
Rides well, all over the mountain, in any conditions


Dave’s Review Type Two

Never Summer Type Two
Size: 155Xcm
Bindings: NOW Drive
Boots: Nike Zoom Force 1 size 12
Stance: 23.5 +14 Front & -14 back
Rider Height: 6’0″
Rider Weight: 195
Conditions/Terrain Tested: Park, rails, powder, groomers
Days tested: 15+

I’d been switching between an older Proto and a Ripsaw, but just couldn’t settle on one. I loved the pop and softness of the Proto, but really liked the edge hold and stability of the Ripsaw. I found the Ripsaw a little stiff for most days and style of riding I do.  I asked Dr. Porkenheimer about a Funslinger after speaking to Chris, but wasn’t sure since I don’t do a ton of park riding. He told me about the Proto Type Two Never Summer had in development and I was intrigued. Chris got an early sneak peak and called me; after hearing the excitement in his voice, I knew I had to ride this board.  We met up with Dr. Porkenheimer at SIA in January, and that glimpse of the Type Two only built up my excitement even more.

The Ride:
I’ve ridden a lot of boards in my 30 years of snowboarding. I’ve never had a board that immediately just felt like home. Usually it takes a bit to adjust to a board, but not the Type Two.  Never Summer really put everything I wanted into one board.  I  loved my original Proto, and for this board they added more camber and gave it an asymmetrical side cut. With the added Ripsaw technology, it’s quick and snappy edge to edge. I love the edge hold and stability the Ripsaw tech adds; having the ability to lay down high-speed carves or stop on a dime if necessary is amazing.  It’s pretty much impossible to make this board wash out.  I’m a bit of a powder snob (a benefit of living near the Tetons), but I loved riding this board on hard pack.

I’m not much of a park rider anymore, but the Type Two has great pop and I love the extra camber in the park.  I normally ride a 160cm wide board, but the Type Two was only available in a 155X (wide) at the time.  After riding it for a bit, it really rides like a bigger board, and I’m not sure I would want a longer version. Chris raved about the Type Two in the park, so I stepped outside my comfort zone and rode park a lot more than I normally do. He was so right…this board is a park monster.  The mid-flex really locked onto rails and is remarkably stable on kickers. Riding the Type Two gave me confidence I’ve lacked for many years in the park; I hit jumps that I have not hit for years.

I normally take several boards with me to Grand Targhee Resort to make sure I have options based on conditions, but The Type Two absolutely charges in every condition; powder, hard pack, slush, park, etc.  Now I take one board with me…the Never Summer Type Two.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love this board.  It’s a perfect blend of the Proto, Funslinger and the Ripsaw. You’ll no longer need to take several boards on trips with you; the Type Two is the one board to rule them all.

Mid flex
Response edge to edge
Edge hold

Base graphic

more about the Never Summer Type Two at

Style:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Construction:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Performance:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Overall:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

4 thoughts on “Never Summer Type Two Review”

  1. I am buying this board this week and I can’t decide on the 154 or the 157. I am 5’8″ and 175lbs.. I am used to a very short park board 151 k2 www and want a more stable board for bigger jumps and better floatwhen it’s coming down. I just fear the 154 won’t be enough to make a difference and that the 157 will be too much. What is your opinion. I live in Denver and spendy days in Summit County.

    1. Hi Will,

      I am about your size and height, and I ride the 154 almost everywhere in Summit or Eagle County, it floats well in pow and the 154 is great in the park too. The Rocker Camber will give you some extra floating power on deeper pow days, you will have to lean back on that tail a bit on those deeper days, but it will still perform very well. It’s a good mix for what you’re looking for, if you were specifically going all mountain and big dumps, I would go with something larger than the 154, but it sounds like the Type Two in a 154 will serve you well. FYI I’ve been using the 154 on jumps up to or around 50 ft and it feels solid on landings.

      1. Hey Dave. I’m set on getting the proto 2 I’m just not sure on the size. I have been riding my 153 space case for a while and love how it feels and how I can play with it but it gets squirrley when I start going really fast. I am on the east coast so it’s usally hard pack n icy a decent amount. I was considering the 158w but after reading your review with the 155w I’m not sure anymore I’m 6’1″ like 180 185lbs n size 12 boot. What do you think? Thanks man.

        1. Hey Ryan,

          Excellent choice on the Type 2, you will love it. I’m 6’0″, 195 and usually prefer a 160w, I wear a size 12 also. When NS sent me the board to demo all they had was a 155x, I wasn’t sure what to think at first. But seriously it rides like a 160, and I actually prefer the shorter length on this board. I found it to be very versatile and handled just about any terrain. It handled pow like a rockstar and charged hard on spring ice/slush. So I really think it comes down to what type of riding you’ll be doing. If you plan to hit the park, I’d go with the 155x. If your just hauling ass and chasing big lines, go with the 158w. Hope this helps! Please let me know what you decide and how you like the board.


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