Niche Snowboards 2019 preview

Niche Snowboards 2019

Niche Snowboards 2019 line up looks crisp and fresh with new artwork on all of the snowboard line favorites. From the Minx to the Aether – Ana, Kirsten, Todd and the rest of the team at Niche Snowboards are focused on creating the best and most Eco Friendly snowboards anywhere! For 2018-2019 Niche Snowboards introduces two Powder slaying boards the Pyre and the Ember , which we tested at the on-snow event, and the these boards are sure to rip in the backcountry!

Niche Snowboards award winning eco friendly snowboards are manufactured at the Mothership in Austria. We’re excited about what Niche is doing and you should be too, Niche is creating quality snowboards with minimal impact to our environment, if you’re into snowboarding for the love of it you should check out Niche Snowboards video on responsible manufacturing. Their snowboards are incredibly light, durable and absolutely fun to ride everywhere! Check out our gallery for the full 2018-2019 line up!

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Niche Snowboards 2018-2019 Gallery:


Niche 2018-2019 Pyre First Look: