Nitro Team Binding Review

Intended Use: Snowboarding all-mountain use
Recommended for: any rider level looking for a stiffer, yet responsive binding that will endure several seasons of use
Review Date: December 2020 – January 2021 in Wyoming
Size: Large

Nitro Team Binding Specs:

  • Go-to binding for Nitro’s entire snowboard team
  • Medium-stiff flex adds response and support
  • Asym highback comfortably conforms to your leg’s shape
  • Stealth Air baseplate for enhanced feel and flex
  • Air Dampening soaks up vibrations and harsh impacts
  • Canted footbed aligns joints in a natural position
  • Cable-reinforced connectors prevent strap breaks
  • MiniDisc reduces your board’s dead zone underfoot
  • Vibram enhanced toe strap
  • Flex rating: 7


I was reintroduced to the Nitro line last season when I had the opportunity to review the Nitro Fusion. I was blown away at the quality of this board, so I was stoked at the opportunity to review more Nitro products this year. It had been a really long time since I rode with Nitro bindings and I was not sure what to expect when they said they were sending a set-out. The Nitro Team binding has been a pleasant surprise and is a really well-made binding, boasting functionality and comfort. 

It all starts with the highly responsive Stealth Air Base Frame, which has features to ensure minimal board contact allowing for more natural board flex. The Team Binding also uses a mini disc system and Board Saver Technology to enhance board flex. The Board Saver Technology offers rounded off corners to reduce board rash from binding contact. The added plus is that this also allows more natural flex from your board. I found the combination of the mini disc and Board Saver Tech to really allow for some great response from the board under your feet. Nitro’s mini disc system has a unique feature called Angle Lock. Basically, once you set your angles the disc snaps into place. I wish more bindings had this, as I found it really convenient when switching bindings to another board. This takes away the need to reset or check the angles, simplifying things greatly.

The Asym Jet Highback was very comfortable as well. It’s narrower down towards your ankle and wider up by the top of your boot/calf area. I spent some time playing with the forward lean adjustment and was able to really lean into carves. The highback has a really good lateral flex and felt like an extension of my boot, supporting even more feeling of control.

Another innovative feature, Nitro also built an Air Dampening system into the heel area of the base plate. It provides some dampness to your ride but more importantly if offers shock-absorbing technology for impacts off jumps, rails, etc. No one likes to land flat but it happens, so the impact protection is an added bonus. I found it to be pretty effective on a few hard landings.

The footbed is canted 3 degrees allowing for a more natural knee/body position. Some people really like this, others do not. I happen to be a rider that does. I’ve had multiple knee surgeries so any relief to my knees is welcome and this helped to relieve some pressure off my old joints.

The ankle straps are a 3D thermoform padding with internal 3D spine or what Nitro calls Premium Comfort Ankle Straps. While most companies have reduced the material and gone to a mold injected strap to reduce weight and discomfort, Nitro has stuck with a thicker strap. It is skinnier in the middle to reduce contact with the top of the foot and wider toward the ankles for added response. Surprisingly to me, I found the strap to be very comfortable. 

The Übergrip Toe Strap with Vibram© EcoStep™ rubber was really awesome. I constantly have issues with toe straps sliding off my boot. The Team toe strap really stays put and really allows you to cinch the strap down in times you might want added security.

All the straps are reinforced with stainless steel cables inside of the plastic. This is definitely a feature that I have become fond of in various other bindings as well. If you’ve ever broken a strap and had to ride down the mountain that way, it really sucks. The cables also offer some added flexibility to the straps, allowing you to really move the ankle strap out of the way when you step in. The straps are easily adjusted with a toolless lever system: open the lever, move the buckle to the desired position and close the lever. This was very quick and easy to use even when in the lift line to make simple adjustments. Rounding out the straps are the Forged Aluminum Speedwheel Buckles that operate smoothly and are built to last.

Overall Impressions:

The Nitro Team Binding has a lot of unique features that really add to the overall function and ease of these bindings. They are also built to be bomb-proof, with features like cable reinforced straps. If you are looking for a medium-stiff binding for all-mountain riding, that will last for several seasons, definitely grab a set of the Nitro Team Bindings.


  • Provide great impact protection and dampness
  • Cable reinforced straps
  • Flexible and playful highback
  • 2×4 Mini Disc With Angle Lock Feature
  • Board Saver Tech
  • Vibram Toe Strap


  • Adjustable heelcups can be difficult to adjust
Price:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Performance:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Design:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Overall:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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