Para’Kito Mosquito Repellant


At the end of every snow season, I’m always a little bummed. It’s tough to match the feeling of snowboarding and the freedom it provides. For a while now I transition into mountain biking and hiking once the trails dry out. It provides unique challenges of its own and is great cross-training for snowboarding.  One drawback to being back in the mountains during warmer weather, bugs! There are numerous bug repellants on the market but one has to wonder how harmful the chemicals can be. Now more than ever our health and immune systems are crucial. I came across Para’Kito before a mountain biking trip to Montana. Formulated in Provence, France, Para’Kito uses a blend of natural essential oils and patented slow-release technology. The oils include Citronella, Geranium, Mint, and Rosemary.

I used the Mosquito Repellent Bracelet and the Mosquito Repellent Roll-on. The bracelet is made from a soft moisture-wicking material. It has a small mesh pouch where the pellet filled with the essential oil blend goes. Each pellet is designed to last approximately two weeks. I found the bracelet to be really convenient and somewhat effective. I store it in my hydration pack so I can quickly grab it and put it on as I am gearing up. It seemed to ward off mosquitos to an extent and was more effective on whichever side it was on.

The roll-on comes in a small applicator which I can also store easily in my pack. The directions instruct you to apply to your neck, forearm, and leg. The application may last up to five hours depending on activity. It has a pleasant smell to it and washes off easily when you are finished with your outdoor activity.  In some heavily infested areas, I found the roll-on to be much more effective at repelling mosquitos. 

Overall impressions:

While outdoors during warmer months enjoying the sunshine or chasing your adrenaline fix, the annoyance of bugs, especially mosquitos can be annoying and compromise your health. Para’kito makes it harder for mosquitos to find you by masking the human scent. Para’Kito is priced comparable to other bug sprays but it is all-natural. I found the roll-on to be very effective in heavily infested areas and the bracelet to be a quick alternative if you are in a rush. Both have a pleasant smell and the peace of mind knowing they are all-natural. 

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