Phunkshun Wear and Zeal Optics 2018

Phunkshun Wear and Zeal Optics 2018 Preview

We stopped by to check out Phunkshun Wear and Zeal Optics 2018 line at S.I.A. and there were some solid facemasks, layering and Goggles from the two brands we were excited to see.

Founded in 2011, Phunkshun Wear produces their product of facemasks, balaclavas, detached hoods (new for 2018) and layering in their Denver Colorado facility. Phunkshun Wear has continued to use Repreve® (Fiber created from Post industrial fiber waste and post consumer plastics).  There were some fun products from Phunkshun that you have to see in the gallery below, the new base layer line is looking sharp!

phunkshun wear 2018 layering kitten print

Zeal Optics has gone back to their core and are focusing on making appealing and functional Goggles and using sustainable products in their line. Their new goggle lens changing technology is looking great, see more in the Zeal Optic 2018 Goggle (and sunglasses) gallery below!

At ZEAL Optics, we build the highest quality eyewear for people like us who live for outdoor adventure. But that is just the beginning of our adventure. We focus on more than just being an eyewear company. We are guided by a simple set of beliefs: Use Less, Give Back, Explore More.


zeal optics goggle 2018


Phunkshun Wear 2018 Gallery:


Zeal Optics 2018 Gallery: