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About Phunkshun Wear Facemasks

When it started in 2011, Phunkshun Wear was originally focused on listening to and fulfilling the needs of ski and snowboard instructors for a product that would stand up to winter weather and protect them from the elements. The brand has grown exponentially over the last five years, and has product lines for winter and summer use. All manufacturing takes place in Denver, Colorado, by an amazing team that designs, cuts, sews, and decorates each product themselves. We had a short run of custom, single-layer Old Guys Rip Too facemasks created by Phunkshun, and we couldn’t have been happier with the product. We visited the facility last fall, and I can say without a doubt the team is dedicated to producing a top quality product and they do it with a smile. You can really tell that everyone is passionate and truly stands behind Phunkshun. For 2016-2017, Phunkshun is expanding its line and has switched to a recycled material called REPREVE .  It is estimated that by switching to this recycled material, each individual Phunkshun Wear tube or balaclava produced will save an average of 10 to 15 bottles from landfills. Phunkshun IS moving in the right direction, and they have a rad product line that we know you’ll appreciate and get a lot of use from during your winter shred excursions.

Intended use: Snow sports protection for your face

Recommended for: Anyone looking for protection from the sun during winter sports activities with the added benefits of UPF 50+,  odor control, and moisture wicking material. These are great masks.

Review Date: October 2015 – April 2016

Phunkshun Wear Masks Reviewed

Single Layer

single layer-phunkshun-maskThe single layer (SL) is our go-to tube/facemask that has you covered for the majority of your riding days. See our previous review HERE.  This face tube is great for most conditions; it’s soft, lightweight, breathable and single-layer-phunkshun-ogrtwith odor control you literally won’t have a stinky mask. The most you’ll need to do is rinse the mask out in hot
water once in awhile, if you are so inclined. The moisture-wicking stretch polyester in the mask we tested fit well; it is not too tight, and stretchy enough so you can move it up and down as needed, and pull it over the back of your head for added protection so it’s under your beanie. It always feels comfortable, and with UPF 50+, you’re not going to get burned.  Priced at $19.99, this is a great neck tube that can be used for most of your shredding days.



Single-Layer Tall

phunkshun single layer tallThe single-layer tall (SL Tall) has all the same tech as the standard single layer, except it’s a bit longer and more breathable, with a mesh fabric that has perforations throughout the mask so it’s more porous. As I mentioned above in the SL review, I like to pull the tube over the back of my head and under my beanie. The single layer tall is great for this, as it still covers your neck but allows you to keep it pulled up with a relaxed fit over your face.  The perforated style provides great breathability for warmer days; with all the sun protection odor control and moisture-wicking benefits of the SL in a longer tube, this is a great option for spring days.




Double Layer

double-layer-phunkshun-maskThe double-layer (DL) mask is great for colder days when the SL might not provide enough warmth. It’s the same length as the SL, and is great for those cold mornings/days on the hill. It’s like having two layers in one; the tube provides an outer layer of stretch polyester treated with DWR to repel the elements, and the inner layer is a moisture-wicking, anti-microbrial mesh that cuts down sweat and smell. The two layers allow for a “neutral air zone” to be created between the fabrics that keeps the temperature inside the mask stable.  If the SL won’t provide the warmth you’re looking for, this mask may fit the bill.




Double-Layer Thermal

thermal-dl-tube The double-layer thermal (DL-Thermal) goes to the next level, by taking the DL and replacing the inner mesh layer with Polartec Classic 100 Fleece. Of the neck tubes, this one was my favorite in the coldest temperatures; the Polartec added a snug fit, but the Polartec fleece lining was perfect for keeping you warm on those frigid days. It gets a bit warm in temps above 30 degrees, but it will not disappoint. this tube features all the standard tech: moisture wicking, UPF 50+, and odor control (it doesn’t stink yet after about 30 days of use!).




Convertable Ballerclava

ballerclava-convertableThe Convertible Ballerclava is a winner! If you are looking for the lightweight feel of the SL, but want more of a balaclava-style mask, then this is my recommendation to you in the Phunkshun line up. The fit was great, and it had all the elements of the SL tube plus a hood.  It’s thin enough to fit under your helmet, with or without a beanie. The hinged design is perfect for moving the trunk part of the mask up and down on your face. This is the perfect mask for most days on the mountain, and is my newest favorite. You really do look like a ninja!
Standard tech applies here, too: moisture wicking, UPF 50+, and odor control – it, too, doesn’t stink yet after about 30 days of use!




Classic Ballerclava

ballerclavaCut in a classic balaclava style, the Classic Ballerclava provides great full-face coverage, just like the convertible; however, this mask was a bit tight for us, even though it was a very stylish. It’s a full-face mask that would work well for those with a smaller profile; Dave’s son used the classic Ballerclava and the fit was great for him. This full facemask will protect you from the elements (snow, wind, sun), and comes standard with Phunkshun Wear’s odor control, so it won’t stink.




Phunkshun Wear’s line up of neck tubes and facemasks have so many options for your riding needs, you’re going to find one, or several, that will have you covered all season long. Definitely check them out! Here’s our gallery from SIA, which highlights some of the additions to their 2016-2017 line up.