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Are you a product manufacturer, PR firm or a service provider? Would you like your product or service reviewed by the team at Old Guys Rip Too and have your review published in our blog? is a popular product review and industry information blog, with several thousand visits per week. Our review team has over 50 years of combined snowboard, skateboard and action sports industry knowledge. Our co-founder has numerous national championships in snowboarding and was the reigning USASA champ in slopestyle/halfpipe in 2018, he’s taking a break from competing to review new gear and ride more pow in 2024.

Our 2024 media kit (PDF) is available to view for more information.

What kind of products we review
We review a wide range of products. Majority of the products we receive include:

1. Snowboards
2. Bindings
3. Boots
4. Outerwear
5. Skateboards
6. Protection gear
7. Clothing
8. Accessories
9. Longboards
10. Resorts, shops, etc

Here is how you request review:
In most cases we will review the product only if you send us a unit. We may write about the product based on the specifications, but we really need to test your product to give our readers honest information.

1. Send us an email expressing your interest to send us the product for review (oldguysriptoo at gmail dot com)
2. We will respond to you within 3 business days. Our shipping address will be given to you by email.

Review Process
Once we receive the product unit for review it moves to our review queue. Depending on the number of products waiting for review, it may take few days before we can test it.

In normal cases, we will complete the review within 2 weeks from the date of receiving the product but it may take more time depending on the nature of the product.

We will inform you after completion of review. You can arrange for pickup at this time. We will return the product in the best possible condition we can.

You can arrange for pick up of the product once we inform you that it is ready. If you do not intend to pick up the unit back, let us know and we will keep it for future analysis, comparisons etc.

Please note that the product return/reverse pick up must be at your expense.

When we review the product, we do an unbiased review. There is no guarantee that we will write only positive aspect of the product.