Salmon Arms Gloves For Hands 18-19 Preview

Salmon Arms Gloves For Hands (and Mittens) 18-19 Preview

Swimming to the beat of a different drum since 2012, Salmon Arms has something really special and it shows in their product line.  Their gloves and mittens draw you in by their humor and function, and we can’t forget to mention all the really cool collaborations with other brands.  We appreciate the partnerships in the snowboard community and Salmon Arms has embraced this concept full force. You’ll find a glove or mitten for any type of riding from Salmon Arms, a brand inspired bythe love of snowboarding, good times, friends, humor, art and the great outdoors. All Salmon Arms Products are designed and tested at Mt Seymour B.C. Canada. See more of Salmon Arms 18-19 line up in our show recap gallery below!


Salmon Arms Glove and Mittens 2018-2019 Gallery: