Salomon Snowboards and Nitro Snowboards 2018

Salomon Snowboards and Nitro Snowboards 2018 preview

Salomon Snowboards and Nitro Snowboards 2018 both brands returned with an awesome line up for 2017-2018.  We’ve always been a fan of the Villain, Hot Knife, and Sick Stick as Salomon Snowboards continues to produce quality product that puts a smile on your face from park, pipe and backcountry. For 2018 the line continues to grow and has some amazing topsheet and base graphics (the Hot Knife in particular looks awesome!).  Salomon’s premier 4 piece splitboard is a sight to behold and will surely continue to turn heads for the splitboad enthusiasts it looks very interesting.  Check out the gallery for more shapes on your favorite rides from Salomon below.


Nitro Snowboards 2018 line up continues to impress as well and with big names like Victor De Le Rue, Bryan Fox, Elias Elhardt and up and comer Markus Kleveland to name a few of their team riders, you know these boards are built to ride fast and hard whether it’s in the park or backcountry check out a few pics of their line from S.I.A. and especially look out for this years “Quiver Series” from Austin Smith and Bryan Fox, 6 boards that have some really fun shapes!