SHRED. Belushki Sunglasses Review

Model: Black-Rust CBL Polarized/Blast

Specs from SHRED


Intended use: Optimal eye protection for all of your outdoor adventures.

Shred Belushki


I’m a huge fan of SHRED’s CBL lens technology. Chris and I have tested quite a few different lenses on snow in all types of conditions and lighting. I had been intrigued and eager to test SHRED’s sunglasses since their launch because I had a feeling the lenses would not leave me disappointed. The SHRED Belushki sunglasses are Blues Brothers’ style inspired but loaded with modern technology, making for a cool look with incredible clarity.

The first thing I noticed when taking them out of the packaging is their weight. They are exceptionally lightweight. SHRED calls this their NoWeight™ design, making the frame very thin and flexible. In order to do this, they use less material in areas that are not subject to stress and reinforced areas that need durability. I have found the frame to be very durable and the reduced weight definitely helps the comfort while you are wearing them. SHRED’s frames are made from 54% renewable resources (castor oil), which also aids in the durability of the frame. The entire frame is pretty flexible which helps prevent breakage and the earpieces are very flexible.

Another great feature of the Belushki glasses is at the end of the earpieces and on the nose, area SHRED uses another technology called NoSLIP™.  Essentially it’s a rubber pad that aids in comfort and ensures the glasses stay put. While I was out hiking, biking, and skating, I was happy to have the glasses stay in place and not move around, and did find them to be exceptionally comfortable.

SHRED used their Contrast Boosting Lens (CBL)™ technology from their goggle line in the sunglasses lenses. If you haven’t used a CBL lens you are definitely missing out as they are one of the clearest lenses Chris and I have ever used. SHRED used a cast urethane for the lenses which created a lightweight, durable lens. The CBL lens technology provides clarity and contrast in all weather conditions and is greatly appreciated while adventuring outdoors.

The lenses are also SHRED Polarized, with the polarization reducing glare by blocking all angles of light that are scattered and reflected from surfaces such as water, snow, and ice. I can’t truly describe the clarity of these lenses in words and they are a must-try. 

Overall Impressions:

The SHRED Belushki Sunglasses are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. I’ve used them in a variety of outdoor activities, biking, hiking, fishing, etc. The Polarized CBL lens is amazing in all light conditions, providing clarity and detail that is a must when navigating outdoor terrain.

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