Shred Forges its Own Path: New Big Show Collection

Shred Forges its Own Path – Big Show Collection!

and Launches the Big Show Collection Armed with a new approach to business, the iconic brand says goodbye to traditional trade shows and releases a collection of limited edition helmets and goggles

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Park City, Utah—January 30, 2018—Shred is proud to honor the world’s dreamers and doers with a collection of limited edition goggles and helmets. Inspired by and built for those who dare great things, Shred’s Big Show collection also reflects the brand’s deep commitment to forging its own path with a fresh approach to business. By forgoing industry trade shows and a traditional network of sales reps, Shred is channeling all of its energy and resources towards its consumers and the performance and innovation that define its products. “Whether you’re competing on the world’s biggest stage, breaking trail deep in the backcountry, or simply lapping your local park, there’s always an opportunity for progression,” explains Shred Cofounder and two-time Olympic champ Ted Ligety. “This belief continually guides our approach to business at Shred and serves as the foundation of our Big Show collection. With hustle and grit, we’ve always done things on our own terms and celebrated others who do the same. After all, you don’t need to stand atop a podium to be the star of the Big Show.” According to Ligety, the Big Show collection also represents a new chapter for Shred. “As a small, independent company, we’ve never been afraid to stray from the crowd,” he explains. “While others have prioritized smooth marketing and clever gimmicks, we’ve remained committed to pioneering fresh technology. And now, we’re reimagining how we do business. By streamlining our approach, we’re able to be especially nimble and enhance our ability to innovate and truly connect with our customers.”

Ligety asserts that by freeing the energy and resources previously devoted to trade shows and a traditional sales force, Shred is able to strengthen its relationships with current retailers and build a more robust presence online to engage directly with consumers. Shred Cofounder and CEO Carlo Salmini is quick to note that these latest developments are a reflection of the vision and values that have continually guided the company. “Since its inception, Shred has always been an underdog—and this has been our greatest strength,” he explains. “It enables us to see opportunities where others see only obstacles. And while many brands are trapped within an antiquated business model, we’re working to shape the future through both our products and our approach to business.” As an example, Salmini points to the brand’s new collection of Shred Boost sunglasses. In debuting the collection on Kickstarter, Shred not only unveiled new lens and frame technology, but also enriched its relationships with loyal customers while reaching a new audience. Shred attained its funding goal within the first twenty-four hours of its Kickstarter campaign and ultimately raised nearly five-times this amount. As part of this new approach to business, Shred is launching the Big Show collection and offering it only through the brand’s website and select retailers.

Armed with an iconic navy and rust colorway, the collection features two helmets and six goggles, which showcase Shred’s new Hero Contrast Boosting Lens (CBL) technology. Designed to enhance image definition, contrast, and the vividness of colors, the Hero CBL lens represents the latest evolution of the brand’s signature technology. The goggles within the Big Show collection also feature argyle straps that give a nod to the brand’s deep roots. When Shred made its debut in 2006, this classic design served as a hallmark of its goggle line. According to Salmini, the Big Show collection also reflects the accelerated pace of innovation made possible by Shred’s fresh approach to business. “We’re no longer constrained by the traditional product development and sales cycles,” he explains. “By building deep connections with our customers, we’re able to leverage our strong presence online and our tight-knit network of retailers to continually unveil new technology and products. As an example, we’re offering the Big Show collection to our customers just as Shred athletes begin using these helmets and goggles on the world’s greatest stage—and beyond. ”These athletes include five-time World Champ and defending Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety, two-time Olympian and X-Games gold medalist Cheryl Maas, Olympic bronze medalist Alexis Pinturault, Olympic gold medalist and World Champ Carlo Janka, Olympic bronze medalist and World Champ Lara Gut, X-Games gold medalist and World Champ Tom Wallisch, and two-time World Champ and X-Games gold medalist Antti Autti. The brand’s roster also features a slew of athletes who ply their trade far from the competitive circuit, including Brandon Cocard, Kevin Backstrom, KC Deane, Tadashi Fuse, and Mike Hornbeck.“We’re stoked to back some of the best athletes in the game,” offers Salmini. “Yet we’re equally honored to support anyone pursuing their passion. Whether in the spotlight or far from it, they’re truly the star of the Big Show.”