Shred Half Brain D-Lux Helmet Review

Shred Half Brain D-Lux Helmet Review

About Shred Optics:

When engineering and top athletes combine forces you’ve got a winning combination. When Ted Ligety and Carlo Salmini met in 2005 they began a collaboration rooted in performance, style, and innovation that we’re stoked to see growing as strong as ever today. Shred Optics debuted in the Fall of 2006, a small simple line, with a few bright colorways that performed great and still had awesome style. To this day Shred Optics continues to push the performance level while looking stylish in their line of goggles, helmets, sunglasses, and accessories. Shred Optics and Slytech Protection are staying true to their commitment to innovation and pioneering new technologies to let you see clearly, push your limits and most importantly having fun.

Half Brain D-Lux helmet tested info:
MSRP $140.00
Color: Blackout
Size: M/XL 57-61cm

Overview from ShredShred Half Brain D-Lux features a tough, injection molded ABS shell providing unparalleled dent resistance and durability. Shred’s patent-pending RES™, a rotational energy management technology mimics the natural cushioning behavior of the fluid between the skull and the brain. It is the simplest, lightest, and thinnest solution to dissipate oblique forces from any direction. This all-mountain helmet features an EPS impact liner and an optimized compatibility with most goggles. It also features a soft comfort liner with Aegis™ Microbe Shielding for anti-bacterial and anti-odor action, and our Perfect Fit Finder system to provide the best-customized fit.

Specs from Shred:

  • RES™ – Shred RES™, Rotational Energy Management System
  • AEGIS® MICROBE SHIELDING – Moisture wicking liner treated with anti-microbial and anti-odor Aegis® Microbe Shield®
  • VENTILATION – Air control for comfort and goggles fogging prevention
  • PERFECT FIT FINDER – Low-profile fit system for a quick and easy fit of your helmet
  • FIT – Designed and engineered to provide a perfect fit
  • AUDIO – Compatible with aftermarket audio systems (not included)
  • See the full specs here

Intended Use:
Snowboarding, all snow sports, anyone looking for a lightweight, brimmed helmet which provides superior protection for your brain.

Recommended for:
Riders looking for a brimmed style helmet with great adjustability for most head shapes and sizes.

Review Date and Location: December 2017 – April 2018 in Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho


As snow sports continue to evolve, the risks of injury have increased as well. Whether you are a park rider or just someone who cruises groomers, you should always protect your brain. You might be thinking “Well, I don’t really push my limits and don’t need to worry about it”.  Just remember that resorts often draw large crowds, especially around the holidays and you just never know. For example, a few years back I was hit from behind at high speed and ended up cracking a helmet in half. After that, I will never ride without one again.

Finding a comfortable helmet for snow sports can prove quite challenging. Often times helmets are heavy, may not fit your head shape correctly, or might not be visually appealing. Most importantly, you need to find a helmet that also offers ample impact protection.

I personally prefer the looks of a helmet with a brim and therefore chose to test the Shred Half Brain D-Lux Helmet. I typically have a difficult time finding a helmet that fits well; I have a large head (58mm based on size charts). When you spend as much time as I do on snow, an uncomfortable helmet will not work.  The Perfect Fit Finder offered by Shred really helps to easily adjust the Half Brain for maximum comfort. The dial wheel on the back of the helmet allows for vertical fine-tuning when used with goggles and provides a snug fit. The Half Brain comes in two sizes XS/M (52-56mm) and M/XL (57/61). The M/XL fit my head well but there is little to no room for a beanie. I also found wearing goggles underneath the Half Brain to be very uncomfortable.

The removable ear pads are audio compatible with aftermarket audio systems. I chose to leave them in as we have some really frigid days in the Tetons. The Half Brain is well ventilated to keep you from perspiring and prevent your goggles from fogging up. There are two vents on the brim that really help keep your goggles clear. This helmet paired really well with the Shred Amazify Goggles. They have anti-fog vents at the top of the lens that aligns perfectly with the vents on the Half Brain D-Lux.

I discovered every aspect of the Shred helmet to be easily adjusted or buckled with a mitten or glove on, which is very important on brisk days. The chin strap on the Half Brain was very comfortable and straightforward to tweak for a solid fit.

I fortunately never really tested the Shred helmet for impact protection. I did have small falls here and there but nothing severe. But I felt very comfortable knowing the RES, Rotational Energy Management System would dissipate any impact.

Ideally, you want a helmet to feel like it’s a part of you and not make its presence felt. The Shred Half Brain D-Lux is lightweight, not overly bulky and is easily adjustable for a great fit. Rest assured when you need it the Half Brain D-Lux will be up to the task. It has a very stylish look and a great price point of $140.

Shred Half Brain D-Lux Helmet Review


    • Lightweight
    • Style
    • Comfortable
    • Easily Adjustable
    • Great ventilation
    • Great technology for skull and brain protection
    • Pairs well with most goggles


    • Wish it was slightly bigger
    •  Uncomfortable when wearing goggles under the helmet


Price:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Performance:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Design:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Overall:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

How to customize the fit of most Shred helmets: