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SHRED. Unveils a New Flagship Helmet: The Notion

The authentic eyewear and protection brand debuts a premium ski and snowboard helmet that elevates confidence and performance by pairing fresh style with leading technology

Park City, UtahJanuary 28, 2020SHRED. is proud to debut the Notion, a new premium all-mountain helmet that pairs a sophisticated design with industry-leading technology to enable skiers and snowboarders to confidently pursue their passion. The Notion showcases SHRED.’s proprietary technology for absorbing both rotational and linear impact energy and features a unique hybrid construction that maximizes durability while minimizing weight.

“We’ve spent years working relentlessly to develop and refine every detail of the Notion,” explains SHRED. Co-founder, Chairman, and two-time Olympic Champ Ted Ligety. “We leveraged all of our research, technology, and experience to create a helmet that offers unrivaled performance and comfort to help you unleash your potential. From its fit to its features, the Notion is truly a game changer for our customers, specialty retailers, and the brand as a whole.”

According to SHRED. Co-founder and CEO Carlo Salmini, the Notion’s technology differentiates it from other helmets on the market. “Since its inception, SHRED. has focused on developing innovative solutions that are as elegant as they are effective—and the Notion embodies this perfectly,” explains Salmini. “Rather than relying on gimmicks that add unnecessary weight and bulk or applying various technologies in a piecemeal fashion, we approach the design of our helmets holistically, developing and employing technologies that truly complement one another.” As an example, Salmini notes that the Notion incorporates SHRED.’s Smart Impact Protection™ technology, which pairs the brand’s Rotational Energy System™ (RES)—which is the lightest and thinnest solution for addressing rotational forces—with the helmet’s integrated honeycomb-cone-structured Slytech™ Shock Absorption to create an effective synergy for combating linear and multi-directional forces.  The Notion also features SHRED.’s Hexaflow technology, which uses a three-dimensional design to further enhance linear impact absorption and maximize ventilation.

To meet the needs of the most discerning skiers and snowboarders, SHRED. infused the Notion with numerous additional features and technologies. Its hybrid construction combines the durability of a hard shell upper with the weight savings of an in-molded lower shell and sidewalls. A unique three-position switch allows the user to control the sixteen top, back, and side vents simultaneously. To further enhance safety, the Notion has an integrated passive RECCO® reflector that enables rescue professionals to search for the helmet’s user in the event of an avalanche or if lost outdoors. And for additional security and convenience, the Notion features a Fidlock magnetic closure.

Salmini is quick to note that SHRED. also channeled its attention to detail into the helmet’s fit. “We’re especially proud of the Notion’s refined fit,” he explains. “Again and again, our team riders are telling us they’re especially stoked on its fit—the Notion truly cradles the contours of your head to provide unmatched comfort.”

Yet according to Ligety, the helmet’s features, technology, and fit shouldn’t overshadow its most important benefit—and one they combine to create—the Notion’s ability to transform how you experience the mountain. Ligety explains, “The Notion truly boosts your confidence, enabling you to charge harder and amplify your fun.”

The Notion will be available at specialty retailers and through in the fall of 2020 and will retail for $199.95 in the U.S. and €199,95 in Europe.

The SHRED. Notion NoShock Helmet at a Glance

MSRP: $199.95 in the U.S. and €199,95 in Europe.

Colors: Black, Navy, and Grey


SHRED. ROTATIONAL ENERGY SYSTEM™ | Patent-pending technology that manages the effects of rotational accelerations to the head on impact by allowing a relative movement between the helmet and the head through the use of ultra-thin, multi-directional absorption units made with an elastic layer. 

SLYTECH™ SHOCK ABSORPTION | SHRED.’s patented solution to increase linear impact energy dissipation. It integrates a slow memory honeycomb cone structure into the helmet’s EPS impact absorption element.

XT2® | Anti-microbial technology to provide permanent odor protection.

VENTILATION | 3-position switch controls top, back and side vents simultaneously.

RECCO® | Integrated reflector with passive technology that enables rescue professionals to search for you in the event of an avalanche or if lost outdoors.

FIDLOCK | Magnetic closure to enhance convenience, security, and efficiency.

HEXAFLOW | Three-dimensional EPS with channels to enhance linear impact absorption and maximize ventilation.


CONSTRUCTION | Hybrid | Integrated Slytech™ NoShock honeycomb | 16 vents

SAFETY STANDARDS | EN1077B (Europe snow) | ASTMF2040 (USA snow) 

MATERIAL | PC | SHRED. Shield toughened ABS | Super Light EPS | Slytech™ Shock Absorption 

WEIGHT | 495 g [Size S]

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