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More news from Shred Optics and Slytech Protection adding Brandon Cocard to their expanding team of snow athletes!


Shred and Slytech Sign Brandon Cocard

Shred and Slytech Team Rider Brandon Cocard--Photo by Silvano ZeiterPARK CITY, Utah – February 14, 2017 – Shred and Slytech are proud to welcome Brandon Cocard to their teams. Revered for his versatility and style, the Truckee native has quickly made a name for himself–while letting his riding do all the talking. Cocard will be backing Shred and Slytech goggles, sunglasses, and protective equipment.

“We’re honored to welcome Brandon to the team,” offers Ted Ligety, Shred and Slytech co-founder and chairman. “Whether sessioning the streets or dropping heavy lines in Alaska, Brandon’s riding commands attention. And while he’s one of the most well-rounded riders in the game, he’s also one of the most humble.” Cocard joins the brands’ already stacked rosters, which include Kevin Backstrom, Tadashi Fuse, Jake Welch, Severin van der Meer, Antti Autti, Shin Biyajima, Romain De Marchi, Nicholas Wolken, and Wolle Nyvelt.

“I’m really excited to join the Shred and Slytech family,” Cocard notes. “They have great products and an amazing snowboard team. So many of my favorite riders represent Shred and Slytech–and I feel very lucky to join them and back the brands.”

According to Shred and Slytech Brand Director Alvaro Vogel, the feeling is mutual. “I first met Brandon a handful of years ago during a trip to Tahoe,” Vogel explains. “His style was on point and his humble personality was endearing. Having him on the team now is nothing short of amazing. He’s the perfect fit for our family and I know we’ll have a good time on and off the mountain.”

Cocard is quick to emphasize his appreciation for Shred and Slytech’s ability to blend clean design with progressive technology. “They Brandon Cocard Signs with Shred and Slytechseem to follow the Golden Rule–‘keep it simple, stupid.’ And those four words I like to live by,” he explains. “I’m really stoked on the design of the goggles. There’s no over-the-top flash, yet the technology behind the frames and lenses is at the forefront of the industry.” As an example of this technology, he cites ShredWide™, a lens and frame design that enables riders to see more of what is ahead and around them for unrivaled peripheral vision. Cocard also finds much to admire in Slytech’s protective equipment. “I’ve been a fan of Slytech ever since filming with Absinthe,” he explains. “Through the years, so many of the riders on our crew have worn the brand’s back protectors. It’s such a smart and sleek design, and it’s nice to know it’s always got your back.”

Given his roots with CAPiTA, Cocard notes that now is an especially exciting time to be teaming up with Shred and Slytech. With the goal of pushing the boundaries of sustainable design and coordinating efforts across the industry to inspire others to reduce their environmental impact, Shred has partnered with The CAPiTA Mothership, Connora Technologies, and Protect Our Winters to develop a goggle–the Simplify Natural–that uses organic, reclaimed, and recycled materials. As Cocard explains, “It’s very impressive to hear that Shred is making a goggle out of leftover snowboard scraps from the CAPiTA factory.”

In just a few short years, Cocard has amassed a slew of standout parts while filming with Absinthe, CAPiTA, and Airblaster. Most recently, he snagged the opener in this year’s release from Absinthe, AfterForever. Showcasing both his creativity and the diversity of his skills, his part provided a glimpse of the future.

In addition to his riding, Cocard’s vision helped lead to his partnership with Shred and Slytech. “Brandon’s passion and love for the mountains are contagious,” offers Co-founder and CEO Carlo Salmini. “His riding and fresh perspective inspire others–and this perfectly matches our mission and core values.”

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