SHRED. Totality Noshock Helmet Review

About Shred Optics:

When engineering and top athletes combine forces you’ve got a winning combination. When Ted Ligety and Carlo Salmini met in 2005 they began a collaboration rooted in performance, style, and innovation that we’re stoked to see growing as strong as ever today. SHRED debuted in the Fall of 2006, a small simple line, with a few bright colorways that performed great and still had awesome style. To this day SHRED continues to push the performance level while looking stylish in their line of goggles, helmets, sunglasses, and accessories. Shred Optics and Protection are staying true to their commitment to innovation and pioneering new technologies to let you see clearly, push your limits, and most importantly having fun.

SLAM-CAP NOSHOCK helmet tested info:

MSRP: $160
Color: Black
Size: Large (59-63cm)

Overview from Shred: 

Are you searching for a lightweight yet extremely durable hardshell ski and snowboard helmet that offers a superior fit and comfort and features unrivaled technology to address both rotational and linear energy absorption? Then the Totality NoShock is a perfect choice. Its ROTATIONAL ENERGY SYSTEM™ (RES)—which is the lightest and thinnest solution for addressing rotational forces—is paired with the helmet’s integrated honeycomb-cone-structured SLYTECH™ Foam to create an unparalleled synergy for combating linear and multi-directional forces. The Totality NoShock gives you the confidence you need to reach the next level, feel like a pro, and have fun.

Specs from Shred:

  • SHRED. ROTATIONAL ENERGY SYSTEM™ | Patent-pending technology that manages the effects of rotational accelerations to the head-on impact by allowing a relative movement between the helmet and the head through the use of ultra-thin, multi-directional absorption units made with an elastic layer.
  • ENHANCED WITH SLYTECH™ | A patented honeycomb cone structure made of SLYTECH™ Foam is integrated into the EPS impact absorption element to allow impact energy to dissipate in multiple directions for optimal safety.
  • XT2® | Anti-microbial technology that uses silver to provide permanent odor protection.
  • VENTILATION | Strategic vent system to channel warm air from the goggles and the front of the helmet to its back, preventing goggles from fogging and the head from sweating.
  • SL CHIN GUARD | Fully compatible with SHRED. Soft-Ear Chin Guards.

Intended Use:

Snowboarding, all snow sports, anyone looking for a slim profile helmet that is light and provides superior protection for your brain.

Recommended for:

Riders looking for standard or slightly racing style helmet with great adjustability for most head shapes and sizes.

Review Date and Location: November 2019 – May 2020 in Wyoming


The SHRED Totality Noshock helmet is a lightweight, comfortable, race-style helmet for use in all conditions. I used this helmet mostly resort riding but did use it a few days in the backcountry when the resorts closed due to COVID-19. I have a large head and have had some fit issues with SHRED helmets in the past. I was happy to learn that they made a few adjustments to the Totality and it fits really well.  The liner is soft and comfortable against your head/skin and has been treated with anti-odor treatment to fight the funk after use in warmer temperatures. The fit can be adjusted to your likings with the dial on the back of the helmet. It uses a traditional buckle to secure the helmet below your chin. Ths SL Chin Guard is comfortable against your skin and did not irritate my skin after a long day on the slopes. The Totality has front to back ventilation to keep your head cool and more importantly keep your goggles fog-free. The earpads provide great warmth on those really cold days. They are pretty thick so it does make hearing a bit challenging. But, they are easily removed for improved hearing or if you don’t need them on a warm day.

Most importantly the SHRED Totality provides maximum protection to your head with its combination of the RES system, ABS shell, and SLYTECH™.  The SHRED Rotational Energy System™ (RES) manages the effects of rotational accelerations to the head on impact by allowing a relative movement between the helmet and the head through the use of ultra-thin, multi-directional absorption units made with an elastic layer. The helmet is also enhanced with SHRED SLYTECH foam. They use a honeycomb cone structure embedded into the helmet’s foam to aid in impact dissipation and shock absorption. Fortunately, I never tested this part of the helmet but it’s very comforting knowing the level of protection you are wearing if needed.

I found that most goggles paired well with the Totality helmet. They all seemed to line up well enough to protect my eyes and face without fogging or gaps. SHRED’s goggles obviously fit really well with the helmet.

Overall Impressions:

The SHRED Totality Noshock helmet offers superior protection for your head and brain at a reasonable price. It is available in multiple colors and sizes to fit every style and need. I found the Totality to be very comfortable, with no pressure points and relatively lightweight. 


  • Great fit
  • RES System
  • Soft liner


  • Earpads are thick, making it hard to hear
Price:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Performance:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Design:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Overall:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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