SOLE Insoles Press Release: New products released at Outdoor Retailer

SOLE Insoles Press Release: New products released at Outdoor Retailer

Think toasty toes, extreme comfort, natural splay and even more cork: SOLE launches eight new insoles at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, catering to winter sports enthusiasts
From thermal to cork, eight new footbed collections will launch in 2018

VANCOUVER (Jan. 15, 2018) — In response to the demand for warmer feet during outdoor winter adventures, SOLE, a leading insole eco brand, is launching new products (including a thermal wool and recycled wine cork footbed) at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver on Jan. 25-28.

Boasting SOLE’s lowest-ever footbed price point, these eight new collections are affordable, customizable and proven to perform. SOLE’s signature shape has been proven time and again to eradicate foot pain, fatigue and prevent injury while improving orthopedic alignment issues, athletic performance, posture, and foot and ankle mechanics. SOLE’s dynamic support reduces strain put on vulnerable parts of the foot, promotes the foot’s natural alignment and drastically reduces discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis and other common orthopedic conditions.

SOLE’s eight new products launching at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show:

Thermal Thick with Wool footbed
This new footbed is perfect for the winter (snowboard-, snow- and hiking boots). It features Aerogel insulation, temperature regulating, moisture-managing and odor-resisting wool topsheets and a density mapped EVA base for ultimate support and protection against the cold winter temperatures.


Max Cushion footbed
This is SOLE’s most cushioned footbed ever. The superior open-cell foam technology is lighter than gel and more resilient than memory foam, providing industry-leading shock absorption and comfort for long days on the feet.


Active Wide Collection
The new Active Wide Thin footbed, Active Wide Medium footbed and Active Wide Thick footbed have been designed based on SOLE’s best-selling Active footbed collection, now offering a wide toe box. These zero drop EVA footbeds are great for runners, built to last and are ideal for wide and natural foot-shaped footwear.


Cork Medium footbed
This is the ideal insole for casual and everyday footwear. Our environmentally sustainable, moisture-wicking and customizable, natural cork footbeds offer support and comfort with or without socks. The moldable base of this footbed is made with 100% recycled wine corks collected by ReCORK, North America’s largest cork recycling program which is owned by SOLE.


Cork Medium with Met Pad footbed
This footbed features a metatarsal pad for added forefoot support and natural cork, making it environmentally sustainable, moisture-wicking, customizable and comfortable with or without socks. Met pads promote good foot health by keeping the metatarsal bones in their natural resting position, resulting in relaxed tendons and ligaments less prone to injury. The moldable base of this footbed is made with 100% recycled wine corks collected by ReCORK, North America’s largest cork recycling program which is owned by SOLE.


Work Medium footbed
This footbed holds true to its name. It’s built to WORK and endure long days of high impact while retaining cushioning and support over the long haul. By providing immediate step-in comfort with no break-in required, the increased arch flexibility and 1.6mm of high-resilience cushioning is the perfect balance for all day comfort and maximized toe room.


Sport Medium footbed
The SOLE Sport footbed offers immediate step-in comfort and increased arch flexibility engineered to enhance the performance of athletic footwear. This footbed is designed to work in concert with the biodynamics of the body by keeping it in a neutral balanced position and evenly distributing pressure.


Lifestyle Medium footbed
This footbed is the perfect upgrade for everyday shoes offering a little bit of affordable luxury. Featuring soft nubuck suede and orthopedic-grade support, this product is exactly what’s needed in loafers, boots, flats and sneakers to banish foot pain and give feet the daily comfort they deserve.


The footbeds are treated with Polygiene® anti-odor technology to keep feet fresh and support is customizable. The footbed can be heated in a conventional oven, slipped into the footwear, and the base of the footbed will conform to the shape of the user’s foot; providing the level of support each unique foot needs, exactly where needed. The footbeds will also customize with continued wear.


The Recork Story from Sole:

Over 75 million natural wine corks collected by ReCORK
Natural cork is recycled into SOLE’s footbeds, yoga blocks and more

ReCORK, the natural wine cork recycling program that has taken North America by storm, has recently collected its 75 millionth wine cork. This is a defining moment for the recycling program and its success in diverting corks from the waste stream has resulted in the natural material being repurposed into the production of new consumer goods.

In 2008, ReCORK was discovered and adopted by Canadian footwear company SOLE while they were seeking new ways to use sustainable materials in their products. Since then, ReCORK has grown quickly across the United States and Canada, collecting natural wine corks with the help of the public and their network of over 3,000 partners. The success of the program has attracted many large partners, which has recently included Las Vegas hotels Bellagio and Mandalay Bay.

ReCORK’s entire recycling process is carbon negative, in that it goes a step beyond carbon neutral and actually removes carbon from the atmosphere. The program does this by grinding natural cork in a hydro-powered facility without the use of harmful chemicals, planting over 8,000 cork oak trees to date. It also uses a carbon neutral shipping program wherever possible. Additional carbon negativity is achieved naturally as cork oak trees are carbon sinks that lock away carbon in their bark, the part of the tree that is harvested as cork, thereby improving the atmosphere.

When the trees are harvested, they are done so sustainably and only the bark is taken, a process that actually prolongs the tree’s life from just 70 years to over 250 years. The more a tree is harvested for its cork, the more cork it produces, locking away more carbon. ReCORK explains that this is why choosing natural cork products helps to conserve over 6.7 million acres of ecologically sensitive cork forests. By adding to the demand for natural cork, more harvesting takes place, thus prolonging the life of the trees.

The recycled cork material is being used in the production of new consumer products, such as ReCORK’s own yoga block, the 198* Block, made out of 198 recycled natural wine corks. The block is made entirely from recycled cork as a replacement for synthetic foam blocks.

ReCORK may have surpassed a recycling milestone, but the program’s work is far from over. Seventy-five million corks is a significant amount, but more than 31 billion bottles of wine are consumed each year around the world. Tons of natural corks are still being thrown into the trash. With powerful storytelling through its network of international partners, ReCORK aims to raise awareness about the option of cork recycling and be a point of education around cork recycling and sustainability.

Learn more about ReCORK and how you can get involved with the program at

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