Thirtytwo 2018 Snowboard Gear Preview

Thirtytwo 2018 Snowboard Gear

Being no stranger to leading the way in snowboard boot innovation year after year Thirtytwo’s 2018 Snowboard Gear Preview from boots, liners, insoles and a fresh take on Thirtytwo Outerwear for 2018, we were very impressed.

2018 ThirtyTwo Snowboard Gear Preview Boots TM-3

The entire line up has been redone from the sole up! New liners will impress you, and the new footbed system looks really customizable for all types of feet. Thirtytwo truly has created systems that incorporate innovative ways to adjust the comfort and stiffness of your boots for a great fit. The entire line up of Thirtytwo boots and outerwear has great colorways, and fabrics for next year and in our opinion shows a nod to the 70s, which looks pretty rad.  The designers and team at Thirtytwo really hit a home run with next years line, and we can’t wait to try out the all new TM-Three boot, it looks to be a stand out in the line for next year.  The Jeremy Jones boot for 2018 from ThirtyTwo continues to come packed with tech for your backcountry and splitboarding adventures, the Jones boot will surely not disappoint you in comfort and functionality.

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Thirtytwo 2018 Snowboard Gear Preview Gallery One: Liners, footbeds, and Boots!

Thirtytwo 2018 Snowboard Gear Preview Gallery Two: Outerwear