Thirtytwo Snowboarding 2020 Preview

Thirtytwo Snowboarding 2020 Snowboard boots, outerwear and accessories continue to lead the way in innovation from their team riders. Thirtytwo’s 2020 Snowboard Gear Preview from boots to outerwear you’ll find something that catches your eye.

With the JP Walker and Nicolas Müller boot and outerwear collections, and continued collaborations with brands like Santa Cruz, you’ll notice the entire line has something for every rider in mind. The design team at Thirtytwo continues to innovate and take in their team rider feedback to create great technical outerwear and layering pieces which always compliment their stellar snowboard boot line.

Thirtytwo also welcomed Dylan Alito to the outerwear team in January 2019, we’re super stoked to see Dylan covered head to toe in Thirtytwo outerwear and boots! Check out our galleries below for the 2020 thirtytwo snowboard gear preview boots, outerwear and accessories.

Thirtytwo Boots Gallery

thirtytwo boots 2020 preview
Thirtytwo boot preview 2020

Thirtytwo Outerwear and Accessories Gallery

thirtytwo outerwear and accessories preview 2020

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