Tread Labs Dash Insole Review

About Tread Labs:

From the early days as a custom shoemaker, Mark Paigen went on to be a river guide in Colorado. Through his adventures, he conceptualized and designed a new sports sandal, which was known at the time as Chaco Sandals. After selling Chaco Sandals in 2009, Mark continued to evolve his concepts and designs into a comfortable, all-purpose insole intended to be used by almost anyone for any activity, including skateboarding, running, hiking, snowboarding, or even just walking comfortably Tread Labs insoles are designed to make a difference in your comfort, and alignment no matter what activity you’re into.

Dash Insole Specifications:

  • 100% carbon fiber arch supports
  • 5mm thick ventilated top cover
  • Promotes proper body alignment
  • Ideal for running shoes, hiking boots
  • Million Mile Guarantee
  • 3D molded
  • Open-cell polyurethane foam
  • Top cover fabric is low friction
  • 100% recycled polyester fabric
  • PURE antimicrobial treatment

Details from Tread Labs:

Molded arch supports are covered by our Million Mile Guarantee. Top covers are made with resilient, long-lasting 5mm, 3D molded, open-cell polyurethane foam. The top cover fabric is low friction, 100% recycled polyester fabric with PURE antimicrobial treatment.

Intended Use: skateboarding, running, walking, hiking, etc.

Recommended for: Anyone looking for a firm, low volume, an insole that is durable and offers a replaceable top cover.

Chris’ Review

Size: 8-8.5 Mens (note this is smaller than my shoe size of 9.5, I suggest using the same insole as your shoe size)

We’ve put Tread Labs insoles to the test first with Tread Labs Stride (discontinued) and Tread Labs Pace, and now the Tread Labs Dash. The Dash is Tread Labs high performance insole which includes a carbon fiber support layer with their million mile guarantee and a thin 5mm foam ventilated top cushion. The top cover is low friction with 100% polyester fabric with PURE antimicrobial treatment, so they don’t slip and they will hold off those oh so unpleasant smells and odors for a long time!

I’ve been using the dash in my workout shoes, skate shoes, and most recently in my snowboarding boots. The dash with its carbon fiber arch support is much stiffer than the pace but the thinner topcover for performance really hits the mark for me. While snowboarding I noticed the extra support from the carbon fiber right away and there’s just enough cushion to keep your feet happy all day long while shredding. From park to all mountain riding, these are a superb upgrade for anyone looking for extra support with a thin insole. I’ve also used the dash in my skate and workout shoes as well. After transferring these insoles to different shoes/boots there is little to no smell which is very appreciated. After a day of snowboarding or a skate session these insoles would dry out quickly and I am very impressed with the grip of the topcovers. Recently I’ve used them without socks and my feet don’t slip when I’m sweating up a storm(I know that’s gross)! I’m impressed with how well these insoles have held up for varied activities, these are great for the everyday hero looking for a supportive thin performance oriented insole. If you’re looking for pure pain relief look to the pace.

Overall Impressions:

Tread Labs Dash insoles are impressive with carbon fiber, a thin top cover that keeps odors out and provides great traction to keep your foot in place. The price is a bit high at $105 retail, however, the top covers are replaceable and these insoles will last a long time. I would recommend the dash insole to anyone who wants a lightweight high-performance insole for a variety of activities from running to snowboarding these insoles will provide the arch support to keep your body aligned and keep you doing what you love longer.

Dave’s Review

The Dash insole from Tread Labs is considerably thinner than the Pace and Stride we’ve reviewed previously, and I was surprised by their effectiveness. The Pace and Stride were more suited for foot issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, while the Dash is geared more toward performance. But, the Dash insoles still relieve pain that traditional insoles might not. The carbon fiber arch support is fairly stiff but very lightweight. The carbon fiber also provides a bit of springiness in the form of rebound. I did find the arch support took a little getting used to as it is higher and more solid than the traditional arch in a shoe. In the Pace, the arch support has a bit of flex to it, however, the Dash does not flex as much so it took a few days for my foot to adjust. The foam top cover on the Dash has small venting holes that are not found in the other insoles. These really help keep your feet cool and aid in dumping heat. Tread Labs offers their Million Mile Guarantee on these as well; if they crack or lose their shape, they will replace them. The other great benefit is as the top covers wear out, you can simply replace it.

The Dash fits well in every shoe I’ve put it in and does not slide around. After several months of use, the top covers are still in good shape.

Overall Impressions

The Dash insole from Tread Labs is designed to boost athletic performance and relieve foot pain/discomfort. I found them to be very comfortable in every sport I used them in; biking, hiking, running, skateboarding, etc. They are much lighter than other Tread Labs insoles and feature an extremely durable carbon fiber footbed. 

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