Tread Labs Sandals Product Launch!

Press Release:

Tread Labs has now transitioned into a multi-concept footwear brand with the launch of its new sandal line. The sandals, developed by the founder of Chaco, Mark Paigen, are an innovation in the sandal category. They bring unique comfort, support, and recovery benefits from their insoles into sandals.

Low-density, ultra-lightweight PU midsoles share DNA with performance running shoes. Perfectly contoured footbeds deliver biomechanical arch support. Non-slip, non-marking insoles feature recycled content. Direct-attach construction is strong, clean, and free of glue. 3D knit uppers use a zero-waste process and conform to the foot. Additional styles and colors will be available in Spring 2023.

tread labs sandals

We took the insole of a running shoe and added Tread Labs arch support to create the most comfortable sandals in the world.

  • Post-workout/training/hiking to promote recovery
  • Ocean and river friendly
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Minimalist/neutral design and colors
  • Microfiber suede underfoot to keep feet cool & dry
  • Machine-washable

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