Uncle Stanky’s Snowboard Wax Review

About Uncle Stanky:

After years of being disappointed with different wax formulas on his boards, Tim Foley started making his own. The goal was faster, longer-lasting, and environmentally friendly. He found a formula using hemp oil and began testing. In 2016, after years of testing and a difficult legal process to obtain approvals to sell a product containing hemp, Uncle Stanky’s was officially launched.
Uncle Stanky’s Dank Snowboard Wax formulas:

  • Ultra Warm Slush – Strawberry Amnesia
  • Ultra Cold Sub Zero – Blueberry Kush
  • All Temperature – Sour Diesel

Uncle Stanky’s Snowboard Wax is made with organic hemp oil. Fluorinated ski waxes in recent years have been found to be harmful to the human body as well as the environment. Scientific research suggests that ski wax can expose users to perfluorochemicals (PFCs) that build up in their bodies and may carry potentially serious health risks, including cardiovascular disease, liver damage, hormone disruption, and cancer. Uncle Stanky’s Wax does not contain harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly in all ways. Even their packaging is made from recycled materials. Uncle Stanky’s Ski and Snowboard wax does not contain THC or CBD.

Chris’ Review

Date tested: November 2019 – March 2020

To some riders wax is a minor detail but I think we can all agree it plays a major factor in snowboarding performance and enjoyment. Everyone has a favorite formula these days, and I believe it’s important now more than ever to look toward environmentally friendly wax alternatives and options. Uncle Stanky’s has a few options that are hot wax and rub on friendly.

Having the option to use this as a quick rub on wax is great, and can extend the time between waxing by a few days. I was only able to use Uncle Stanky’s all temp wax on a few boards this season due to COVID-19 closures . The all temp wax has a really pleasant citrus smell. All temp covers a broad range of around 0 degree to 50 degrees fahrenheit and I rode most of the winter in temps from 10 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the Uncle Stanky’s all temp for both applications (hot wax and rub on).

I felt my board had a fast base in all conditions I tested. From pow, groomers, and hardpack. One application of the rub on wax lasted throughout the day in varied conditions and temperature changes.

Uncle Stanky’s hot wax application is very effective, I normally wax my board(s) after three days of use, and most of the time with Uncle Stanky’s all temp I was applying hot wax after 5 days of riding. I appreciate the slight citrus smell, (Uncle Stanky refers to the smell as sour diesel).

Just as you’d expect from how well the rub on application works,, the hot wax application works out great too, and it buffs in nicely to your base when you’re done without any glaring color changes due to the wax. As I mentioned I was not able to fully test out the ultra cold or warm slushy environmentally friendly formulas. However, if they perform as well as the all temp wax I’m sure they will be a solid wax choice. It’s nice to have the options for cold, all temp, and warm!

Overall Impressions

Uncle Stanky’s All temp environmentally friendly wax is a contender as one of my all-time favorite waxes for rub on and hot wax applications. I would recommend this wax product to anyone. The price is in an equal range with other competitors for a solid wax that will last you all season long. It comes in three different sizes 70 grams, 210 grams, and 1LB! So you can keep your wax game on point throughout multiple seasons.

Dave’s Review

Date tested: November 2019-June 2020

Riding in the Teton’s, we get quite the mixed bag of conditions throughout the season so I was able to test all three Unkle Stanky’s wax formulas. 

Grand Targhee is known for crazy amounts of pow, which can make for some slow traversing back to the base area.  Having a fast board is essential unless you’re a big fan of skating.  Like Chris, I’ve used several different wax brands over the years…been really disappointed in some and happy with others. 

I mostly use the hot wax method on my boards. I find the rub on to just not last very long and only use it when I’m in a pinch for time. Waxing with Uncle Stanky’s was an enjoyable experience. It spreads well, moves around easily, and smells great. Using help oil, it has a different feel to it than any other wax I’ve used and is almost oily to the touch. It scraped down well and kept the oily feel to it. 

Early season, I used the All Temperature wax and have found it works really well in most temperatures. I was able to ride hardpack, some pow, groomers, and a little park. The All Temperature Uncle Stanky’s held up very well and was fast in every condition. I usually have to rewax my boards about every third day out. I tried to stretch the Uncle Stanky’s a bit to see how well it held. It totally depended on the board but on average I was able to push most boards to 5 days or so.

December and January can be pretty frigid in the Teton’s so I switched to the Ultra Cold Sub Zero during this time. We had a really cold stretch in January with quite a bit of powder. The Ultra Cold never felt sticky as some waxes do when it’s super cold.

With the season being cut short due to COVID-19 shutdowns, I did not get as many spring days as I would normally. But, I did do a fair amount of touring and rode at Beartooth Basin in June. I was really impressed as to how well the Ultra Warm Slush wax held up. Beartooth was totally a mixed bag the day I was there, icy up top, and really slushy down low. Not a wax friendly mix! But the Uncle Stanky’s wax held up to a full day’s worth of riding and my board was fast in the uneven snow temperatures.

Overall Impressions:

I was stoked to be able to test all the formulas and was really happy with how they all performed. They went on easy, held up well, were all fast, and probably most importantly…never sticky. 

Price:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Ease-of-Use:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Performance:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Overall:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

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