Surf’s up! Union Contact Pro Bindings

2014-2015 Union Contact Pro Bindings

(Originally Published on 6-20-2015)

Use: Freestyle/All Mountain
Binding size: M/L
Boot size: 9.5
Color: Black
Price: $239.99

Union Contact Pro Bindings

Union Contact Pro Bindings 14/15

We all know that bindings and boots are the key to maintaining a happy relationship with your board, and over the years I’ve constantly been trying to find the “perfect setup.” Haven’t you?

It’s a tough relationship to keep fresh; I mean, bindings aren’t cheap, and for most of us reviews are the best avenue to finding a good pair of bindings, so I hope this one is useful:


In all seriousness, I’ve ridden a lot of bindings. Most have hardware issues, gimicky plastic parts that break easily, and we all hate having to ask, “hey, do you have a tool I can borrow? My binding is loose…” I can honestly say I have not had to say that this season!

I have ridden the FLite, Contact and Contact Pro bindings from Union Binding Company over the last 4 years, and this season I decided to pay a bit extra for the Contact Pros for the features they are renowned for: lightweight, surfy feel; EVA foam padding (for comfort and vibration dampening); and the minidisk system. The black and fluorescent green colors also called to me, so I had to go for it.

The bindings are really sexy right out of the box, and it’s always a ritual to mount my bindings. First, I put my boot into the binding and make all the proper adjustments so I get a solid interface. The tool-less adjustment in the Union Contact Pros worked easily, and within 5 minutes I had both bindings adjusted to work with my boots. After removing my boots, it was time to try the minidisk system; it was a little difficult to get the bindings to interface with my board, so to be safe I contacted Union to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Within 24 hours, not only did I get a response, but I got a link to a sweet video explaining how to proceed (great customer service!). After following the instructions, my Contact Pros were mounted and I was STOKED!

union-contact-pro-65plus-daysI rode these bindings most of the time all season long (65+ days), and I must say they are super comfortable in any condition I tried: park, pipe, freeride, it was all great. The EVA padding provides great shock absorption and cushioning from small bumps to big jumps. The ankle and toe straps are comfortable, easily adjustable, and the touted “surfy feel” is right there; I really felt connected with my board. The toe-to-heel responsiveness is great for a freestyle binding, and the minimal contact points with the minidisk are all that’s interfacing with the board, so you really can feel the natural flex of your board. The highback is soft but supportive; if you like to tweak and bone, this one will work for you, too!

I regularly check my bindings to make sure the hardware is secure. I had to tighten the tool-less hardware on the straps and minidisk screws a few times during the season and that’s it — nothing else needed to be adjusted. I played around with the strap lengths a few times for my boot interface with these bindings, and it was effortless; the tool-less adjustments were easy to adjust on and off the hill.

I’m very impressed with these bindings, and am planning on getting an additional season out of them. If you’re looking for a freestyle/all-mountain binding,  DEFINITELY try these bindings. You won’t be disappointed.
Head on over to Union Bindings site and check them out!

Style:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Features:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Overall:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)