Vans Infuse Boots Review

About Vans Infuse:

Vans flagship Infuse boot represents the pinnacle of dynamics and performance for Vans. Developed and now proven to over-deliver in every detail, it offers the ultimate in customized fit, unlimited all-terrain adaptability, and comfort.

Review Date: November 2018 – December 2019
Boots tested: Vans Infuse 2019 Black/Grey (Pat Moore)
Rider specs: Chris (5’9″ boot size: 9.5), Dave (6’0”, boot size 11.5)
MSRP: $369.95
Intended Use: Snowboarding, snow sports

Tech Specs from Vans

  • Custom Liner: For the rider who needs all the bells and whistles stacked onto Vans’ out-of-the-box fit construction creed, built on a half-century of footwear experience. Mold it and customize it to a tee with a removable X-cage, or just slip into the instantly-perfect foot pillow that is the Custom liner.
  • V3 Footbed: The new V3 footbed is a built-in, integral part of the boot, utilizing a co-molded cradle to provide next-level impact dampening and arch support, with no extra weight.
  • Ultimate Waffle Outsole: takes a note from the WaffleFlex outsole and dips into the grab bag that is a half-century of footwear construction experience. A little more heel dampening, a little more arch support, and all the response and weight reduction snowboarders dream of..
  • Hybrid Plus BOA Closure: he Hybrid Plus technology revolutionizes closure accuracy and flex variability in a one-and-the-same system. Built on Vans’ original, industry-first Hybrid Boa, the idea of a closure system has expanded into a tool for elevated flex control. The simultaneous functionalities unlock the door to a new world of customization. Featured on the Infuse.
  • Vans Flex Control System: Removable high-rebound Hytrel® tongue stiffeners allow riders to custom-tune their boot flex. Slide them both in for maximum support, use just one to provide either increased lateral or medial response or leave them out for a softer-flexing boot. As boots soften up over the course of a season, you can add the tongue stiffeners back in to extend the life of your boots. The Vans Flex Control System is featured in the men’s Infuse, Sequal, and Verse.
  • Breathable valves: Moisture management through waterproof valves ensures breathability—meaning dry socks, dry feet, and a more comfortable and longer ride.


The Vans Infuse is an intermediate to advanced snowboard boot inspired by Pat Moore. The Infuse is highly customizable and loaded with tech. Vans rates it as a 5 on the stiffness scale but with the X-cage and tongue stiffeners, you can quickly make it a 9.

It has traditional laces down the front and a side BOA that controls a slide guide on the front of the boot tongue. The slide guide can be moved to either side of the boot depending on where you want more support. Once the BOA is tightened it forces your heel back in the boot, preventing heel lift.

The Infuse also features a power cuff along the top. This allows you to really cinch your calf back in the liner.
The V3 UltraCush liner, that is heat moldable, can also be customized with the X-cage. The X-cage is a foam X that attaches with velcro for enhanced heel hold. The liner uses North Face’s FlashDry fabric to transfer and eliminate moisture.

A really unique feature of the Infuse is the Hytrel® tongue stiffeners. These allow you to really fine-tune the boot flex. You can use both for maximum support and stiffness or just use one to provide either lateral or medial response. The tongue stiffeners can also be used to prolong the life of your boots as they break-in.

Chris’ Thoughts:

Chris recommends this boot for: Anyone looking for a versatile boot with several flex options (5-10) best suited for all-mountain freestyle and freeride or backcountry use, this boot will pretty much do it all.

I had ridden Vans V66 snowboard boots years ago, and I’ve always been a fan of the iconic Vans brand. I was excited to try out the top of the line offering, Infuse, in 2019. This boot is by far the most versatile boot I have ever encountered with customizable options in almost every aspect of the boot. This boot did take almost 12 days of riding to break in and become comfortable, which is something to note if you are interested in this boot. I found it to be true to size, I have a wider foot which always doesn’t play nicely with other Vans products, but as the boot broke in most of my hotspots disappeared. I currently ride this boot everywhere on the mountain from park to backcountry, but mainly for all-mountain style riding. I’ve found the Infuse to be one of the top boots available for most conditions, (2nd only to Adidas tactical ADV) some may prefer a softer boot for park or street riding but in most aspects of daily riding this boot can adjust to any conditions you want throughout the day.

The flex control system with 2 tongue stiffeners for medial and lateral support and response is a nice touch. It allows you to take the stiffness up to a 10 or close to a 5 with the stiffeners removed. I ultimately prefer a medium flex boot so I rode most of the time without the tongue stiffeners in. The hybrid plus BOA system does it’s job and keeps your heel locked in comfortably and thus far I have not had any issues with the hardware on this boot for the BOA system, which I also was very impressed with! You can customize the fit easily for the style of riding you want for a run or the day it’s a solid BOA system.

I felt the V3 footbed was good, what you would expect from a high-end snowboard footbed supportive and good impact dampening characteristics. I really like the Vans Liner with their removable X-cage for even more customization and comfort, I ended up taking out the X-cage but it is a nice option to have if you need to really dial in the fit of this boot for your riding style.

The Ultimate Waffle outsole is very grippy in icy conditions and provides a good deal of cushioning when you’re dropping a cliff or putting the landing gear down off a jump, they are adequate enough for any terrain winter can throw at you.

Chris’ Overall Impressions:

Aesthetically this boot is very appealing and has all the bells and whistles any intermediate to advanced rider craves to have in a premium snowboard boot.  The infuse is a great boot for all-mountain and freeride missions and if you are ok with a longer break-in period the Infuse will open up nicely if you give it some time.  I would recommend this for anyone who spends their time riding all-mountain freestyle and powder at your resort.

Dave’s Thoughts:

I found the Vans infuse to be really stiff and take a considerable amount of time to break-in. I used them in a variety of conditions, park, powder and earning turns once the lifts stopped spinning. The V3 UltimateWaffle sole really provided great traction while hiking. I have a pretty wide foot and I found the outside of the toe box to be pretty uncomfortable for several days of use.


  • One of the most customizable boots available
  • Comfortable once broken in
  • Superior heel hold
  • Durability, will last several seasons
  • Great Traction
  • Great shock absorption


  • Takes several days of wear to break in (can break in faster with heat molding)
Price:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Performance:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Design:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Overall:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

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