Vans Snowboard Boots 2019 Preview

Vans Snowboard Boots 2019 Preview

Vans Snowboarding Boots 2019 line up is full of great style and technical innovation. With heavy hitters like Jaime Lynn and Pat Moore you know these boots have to deliver. The 2019 line is not short on style, there’s even a boot with artwork from Jaime Lynn.  Some technical features to expect in 2018-2019; removable heal lock system, a quick-drying collaboration with North Face, and a low profile, Gore-Tex boot specifically for snowskating. Check out our gallery below for the 2019 preview of Vans Snowboarding boots.

Vans Snowboard boots 2019 preview


Vans Snowboard Boots 2019 Gallery


Vans Snowboarding has also redefined how they think and talk about their boots by creating simplified clearly defined product levels based on user benefits and needs and not specific features or price points. Vans has also grouped their boots into product franchises based on similarities. See the line architecture and franchises below.

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