SHRED Simplify Goggles Review

SHRED Simplify Goggles Review

About Shred Optics:

When engineering and top athletes combine forces you’ve got a winning combination. When Ted Ligety and Carlo Salmini met in 2005 they began a collaboration rooted in performance, style and innovation that we’re stoked to see growing as strong as ever today. Shred Optics debuted in the Fall of 2006, a small simple line, with a few bright colorways that performed great and still had awesome style. To this day Shred Optics continues to push the performance level while looking stylish in their line of goggles, helmets, sunglasses, and accessories. Shred Optics and Slytech Protection are staying true to their commitment of innovation and pioneering new technologies to let you see clearly, push your limits and most importantly having fun.

Simplify Goggle Specifications:

    • color and lens tested: WHITEOUT – BLAST CBL (Contrast Boosting Lens) GREEN (VLT 25%) + STEALTH (VLT 8%)
    • SHREDWIDE – Shred’s industry-leading engineered design technology, with a lens and frame design that enables to see more of what’s ahead of and around you
    • CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS – Shred’s CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS (CBL) technology allows better visibility in varying snow surfaces and light conditions. Available in select models
    • NODISTORTION® – For visual clarity at all elevations
    • SHRED NOCLOG – SHRED NOCLOG hydrophobic vent foam to minimize fog
    • ANTI FOG

See all the specs and tech here

Intended Use:
Snowboarding, snowmobiling, all snow sports, anyone wanting great peripheral vision in a goggle that is oversized, but not bulky.

Recommended for:
Riders seeking superior peripheral vision; mid-large size goggles, and a simplified interchangeable lens system.

Review Date and Location: December 2017 – March 2018 in Colorado


I’ve been interested in Shred Optics for quite some time. Even though I have a smaller face profile I’ve found that a goggle that provides a larger peripheral view is what I want and it’s hard to find one that looks cool too. Shred classifies the Simplify Goggle as an extra large frame size which I’ve found my 54cm (approx 21.26 inches) head actually works out well for this goggle. Being that this is a personal choice for the best peripheral vision option, you may disagree. I wear a medium size Shred helmet and the Simplify goggle and Helmet combo work perfectly together (no gap) and are comfortable together.
Shred claims to combine performance and style together, and I do feel the Simplify Goggle does that very well. It’s been a long time since I thought that was possible but I really like the way these goggles look, which was one fo the primary reasons I was drawn to the brand in the first place. It’s the performance part that has been astounding to me, I’ve worn these goggles in near whiteout conditions and on bluebird sunny days and I felt I really didn’t need to change the CBL (contrast boosting lens) lens at all, and when I did change them out for a different(darker) lens, it was a piece of cake with the 1-2-3 system (video below). The CBL allowed me to ride in most flat light conditions easily, and the patented NODISTORTION® tech works well to keep clarity at any elevation.

The face foam on the Simplify is superb too, these goggles are super comfy on your face and I have very sensitive skin and haven’t had any irritation from these goggles all season long. The strap is fairly standard for goggles, with grippy silicon strips and an adjustable strap, I found the goggle to be more comfortable over my helmet rather than underneath. I’ve used the Simplify goggle with a few different helmets and it does work well with or with out being paired with a Shred helmet (thanks Shred!) so you’ve got options there which is appreciated. If I could point out one small inconvenience is when I was riding with a hood on and a balaclava during a heavy storm and I did experience a slight bit of fogging up in the lower corner of the goggle lens, it did not interfere with my vision, it was just slightly noticeable. That’s all though, these goggles perform very well, have durable lenses, look rad, and are comfortable.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the style, technology, and performance in the Shred Simplify goggles. If you’re looking for a goggle with great peripheral vision, no distortion and a minimal frame that’s stylish to ride in take note of the Shred Simplify it’s got all the bases covered.


    • Superb peripheral vision
    • CBL (Contrast Boosting Lens) lens works great in most conditions
    • Does not fog easily
    • Durable lens (hard to scratch)
    • Grippy silicone strap stays put on on your helmet
    • Easy to change lens system
    • Wide range of frame colors and lens options
    • Good option for mid to large size faces, a large goggle that doesn’t feel huge
    • Comfortable to wear


    • Can fog up slightly in the corners of the lower lens
    • Slightly uncomfortable if worn under helmet


Price:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Performance:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Design:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Overall:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

1-2-3 SHRED Lens replacement system