Never Summer Nokhu Review

For 2024, the Nokhu has a limited edition topsheet artwork created by Stanley Mouse. This release of the Never Summer Nokhu has amazing art, culture, and snowboard collaboration, Never Summer once again teams up with Grassroots California and Stanley Mouse, infamous psychedelic concert poster and album artist, to create a one of a kind, ultra-limited edition, artist series snowboard. The Nokhu will be offered again in 24-25 with a different topsheet and base artwork, but will otherwise be the same.

Never Summer 2024 and 2025 Nokhu

  • Nokhu Size: 155cm (waist width 26.3 cm)
  • MSRP: $729.99
  • Bindings: Union Ultra (Medium)
  • Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV size 9
  • Stance: approximately 22.5″
  • Rider Height: 5’9″
  • Rider Weight: 175

Conditions/Terrain Tested: Colorado December 2023 – January 2024 on Groomers, park, all mountain, moguls, and some pow.

Recommended for: The upper intermediate to expert rider looking for a unique shape and top performing mid flex snowboard. This board loves to use the whole mountain for any style of riding, from all mountain freestyle, pow, and effortless carving, it does it all.

Special Features on the Nokhu:

Triple Camber Fusion Profile: The Triple Camber Fusion profile features a third camber area flanked by two small rockers coupled with an Early Rise Transition Area in the nose. The result is a completely balanced ride not found in any other profile. Read more about Triple Camber.

Powersurf Wood Core: A high percentage of lightweight Paulownia is combined with Poplar and Birch running down the middle of the core and Poplar along the sidecut edge. Adding strength and the optimum amount of torsional rigidity. THE POWERSURF WOOD CORE strategically combines these woods in crucial areas of the core for a durable yet lightweight feel.

More Technology details from Never Summer:

  • Co-Extruded Polymer Topsheet
  • Carbon Max Laminate Technology
  • Fusion Triple Camber Profile
  • Extended Transition Area
  • Power Grip Sidecut
  • Early Rise Nose
  • STS Pre-tensioned Fiberglass
  • Bi-Lite Fiberglass
  • NS PowerSurf Wood Core
  • RDS 2 Damping System
  • Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
  • Sintered UHMW Polyethylene Sidewall
  • Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
  • P-tex Nose/Tail Protection
  • Full Wrap Metal Edge


When I found out about the Nokhu, I was really intrigued by the artwork and the unique shape of the board itself with a blunted tip and tail and slight set back with some taper I thought it would be amazing in powder, and wondered what else it could do. It was still a little early in the season when I was able to ride the Nokhu, storms were starting to come through but I was mainly riding groomers and park. Regardless, it’s all snowboarding, I was excited to get on the Nokhu in any condition.

The artwork of Stanley Mouse is well known for his psychedelic rock concert poster designs, and the topsheet on the Nokhu is just that, a rad looking piece of art. It’s a co-extruded polymer topsheet that you’ll find on most Never Summer snowboards, it’s durable and has a matte finish. I set up my stance so I was centered as much as possible since I would be riding groomers and park before the next storm cycle and was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the Nokhu felt underfoot in this position. For a board that is meant to be a directional all mountain, freeride, and powder hound it felt very solid and almost like a directional twin to me(the nose is noticeably much larger).

The Nokhu does have a very pronounced nose/tail so you’ll really feel them if you’re trying to get up on the nose or tail, it’s soft so you can really push into the nose/tail if you want, and really feel the all mountain freestyle elements of this board. Tripods on the nose are easy and you can really lean into the soft nose, they are so much fun! Turn initiation on the Nokhu is solid. I could really lay into deep elbow carves and with the Triple Camber Fusion you’ll still have a surfy feel but dig those trenches you expect from Never Summer. I really enjoyed cutting up groomers on this board.

Being that it’s a directional board with a good amount of taper, you’ll definitely feel it when you’re riding switch, and it rides amazing switch so don’t think the Nokhu won’t excel here, it does well. You just have to know the fusion profile will be more noticeable when riding switch. You can go all out with the Nokhu, with Never Summer’s sintered base, it’s fast and durable. Only at the highest speeds did I notice a little bit of chatter in the tip and tail, but for a damp rating of 5 this board is fun to point it straight and see how fast you can go.

Riding park on the Nokhu was a lot of fun, I may choose other boards when I’m just riding park, and the Nokhu proved it can handle rails and jumps with ease. This board was a blast, the soft nose and tail were great for presses, and it was very stable on the jump line. I will say the big nose will flap a bit if you get aggressive landing heavy on a rail. I was really impressed with how much I enjoyed riding the Nokhu in the park, what a blast!

When I finally was able to get the Nokhu into some pow, I was elated. This is where I thought this board would shine the most, and it did. I set the stance back a bit and the soft tail just made it feel like butter, the nose pops up and cuts through everything, it’s truly a breeze to ride the Nokhu through pow, it just eats it up. Be ready to do some pow butters if the opportunity arises on the Nokhu!

Overal Impressions:

While the Nokhu may look like a very specific directional snowboard, this board can do it all for the high intermediate – advanced rider. I found the Nokhu to be playful all over the mountain in most any condition you can put it in. It’s not a very stiff or damp board, and if that’s what you are looking for, this uniquely shaped directional ride will deliver smiles all day long. Carve up groomers, catch some air, ride pow, and cruise anywhere on the Nokhu. If you’re looking for a fun shape in a directional board give the Nokhu a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Price:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
Performance:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Design:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Overall:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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